UOL Lunches Giant Email with 100GB

You know the 8 GB that Google offers you free in Gmail? They are nothing close to the storage capacity of the new UOL gigamail, service access portal and content announced this Thursday (19). I think you would be much happier with an account email with 100GB free, right?

Regarded as “the largest e-mail Brazil”, UOL gigamail is not free. The monthly charge for UOL provider subscribers is R $ 24.90. Who is not a subscriber but want all this space to save photos, important videos and other documents also have the option to hire the service for a monthly fee of R $ 27.90.

Charge more for services premium is one of the large network trends ( I recommend reading The Long Tail to understand more about it), and UOL is not the first to offer it. Here in Brazil we have e-mail services with more than 8 GB, with its collection made ​​apart, you see (note: promotional prices were disregarded:

email services paid Brazilian

  • Globomail Pro : 10GB for R $ 7.90 monthly.
  • iG Big Mail : 10GB for R $ 9.90 monthly.
  • Mandic Mail : 10GB for $ 20 monthly or 25 GB for R $ 49.90 per month.
  • Terra Mail Gigante : 20GB for R $ 9.90 monthly.
  • UOL gigamail : 100GB for $ 29.90 per month.

If Gmail is your favorite and no use other services appear with tempting offers, the good news is that Google also offers more storage by a fellow precinho. 20 GB more storage only cost 5 dollars per year, equivalent to R $ 8 (or 66 cents per month). If you choose this plan, will, in the end, 28 GB to use freely between their Gmail accounts, Google Docs and Picasa.

Google does not offer 100GB more storage for their services, but the plan with 200 GB – twice the gigamail – list price is $ 50. Again, very little compared to the Brazilian competitors: R $ 80, which gives more or less R $ 6.67 per month. Google payment is made at once, and there is no possibility to cancel the service after signing him.

For those who want unlimited storage of emails without paying anything for it, the best option is Yahoo Mail. It has tradition, quality and zero cost.