Why is Nokia’s Android Phone Stillborn

Nokia’s first Android device, which aim for developing the market, can get death blow when Microsoft takes over.

Microsoft is now very close to taking over Nokia’s mobile division, for an amount of EUR 7.1 billion dollars, but as long as the deal is not final finished, produces Nokia still phones.

Nokia is working right now concentrate hard on getting sent a last phone out the door before the final takeover from Microsoft. A phone that stands out from Its other portfolio, by running on the Google-owned the Android system.

The upcoming Android phone has been code-named Normandy and come supposedly to run a stripped down version of Android. Phone aims to hit the low-end market, and as a result gets a very low price that can make Nokia Normandy attractive for developing countries.

But Normandy could be doomed even before birth, as Microsoft probably won’t be interested in supporting a phone that takes advantage of the competitor to Google’s platform.

Therefore, can the phone, according to Ars technica, be scrapped as soon as Microsoft acquires Nokia’s mobile division.