Windows Phone 8.1: Developers Reveals Upcoming Features

Windows Phone 8.1 will be the next major update to the platform-see the many new features.

The next major update to Windows Phone has the code name “Blue” and covers over Windows Phone 8.1, which is expected to be presented at Microsoft’s Developer Conference Build 2014 at the beginning of April in San Francisco.

Developers who have been given early access to the SDK, have revealed more of the coming features and functions, writing WPCentral, who have tried to make a comprehensive overview of the news.

List of news is incredibly long, and we have therefore chosen to show an excerpt:

-WiFi Direct
-WP 8.1 apps can’t run on 8
-All 8 units get WP 8.1

-PlayTo support
-Pull down to close programs
-Updated camera layout

-Back button does not close apps
-VPN (Virtual Private Network)
-OneDrive (SkyDrive) with Explorer

-Sort apps after use or date of installation
-Ability to install apps on SD card
-Internet Explorer 11 with improved WebGL

-Separate volume control and ringing tone level
-Auto updating apps
-Action Center

View the full list with even more new functions and features at WPCentral.