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  • Study in Dublin Business School 5 Study in Dublin Business School (5) - 1.1. Dublin Business School Dublin Business School was founded in 1975 and with over 8,500 students, 1,000 of whom come from abroad, is Ireland’s largest private university right in the center of the capital Dublin. As can already be seen
  • Study in Dublin Business School 4 Study in Dublin Business School (4) - Application process Thanks to the really helpful MicroEDU (MicroEDU) staff, the application process was very straightforward. The required formalities were forwarded directly to Ireland by MicroEDU, so that we hardly had to worry about anything. In addition to the standard
  • Japan Religion and Literature Japan Religion and Literature - RELIGION In the sec. VI d, Chinese arrived in Japan, together with Chinese culture, also Buddhism and probably on this occasion the Japanese organized their national religion in new forms, calling it, in contrast to the “way of the Buddha”,
  • Study in Dublin Business School 3 Study in Dublin Business School (3) - Application process The semester program of the Dublin Business School requires a (subject) high school diploma and proof of English language skills (TOEFL, IELTS, DAAD test, etc.). If this hurdle has been overcome, the application documents must now be compiled:
  • Study in Dublin Business School 2 Study in Dublin Business School (2) - 1. Information on the application process Thanks to the help of MicroEDU, the application process has become very easy and straightforward. The MicroEDU staff were very friendly and helpful, and were always on hand to answer any questions I had.
  • Study in Dublin Business School 1 Study in Dublin Business School (1) - Preparation and application process After submitting all relevant documents ( letter of motivation, etc.) in the course planned by OLAT at the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, I received the information some time later that I had been nominated for
  • Germany History: World War II - In the summer it was the turn of Poland, already linked since 1934 to the Reich by a pact of non-aggression; she was asked to return West Prussia, constituting the “Polish corridor” to the sea. This time, however, France and
  • Cartagena, Colombia Cartagena, Colombia - Cartagena [- xena], capital of the department BolĂ­var, Colombia, on the Caribbean coast, (2020) 914 600 residents. Important commercial and main naval port in Colombia; University (founded 1827), Catholic archbishopric, several museums (including a museum of modern art, archaeological museum,
  • Laos Arts and Literature Laos Arts and Literature - CULTURE: LITERATURE According to 3rjewelry, Laos is a country in Asia. Given the great affinity of the Lao and Thai languages, the former is sometimes considered as a dialectal branch of the other. The modest Lao literary production has always
  • Argentine Literature Argentine Literature - Argentine literature, is one of Latin American literature in Spanish. It is inextricably linked with Uruguay (Uruguayan literature), since both countries served as exiles for authors from the other country. In addition, Argentine literature was and is a role model