4.3 Android (Jelly Bean) Could Be The Version Presented at The Google I/O 2013

There are now less than three weeks for starting the Google I/o 2013. A new version of Android will be presented at this event for developers but it could finally be addressed of a new version of Jelly Bean rather than the expected 5.0 Android (Key Lime Pie).

There is still no confirmation on that version will be presented next month but it seems that Google is currently working on 4.3 Android (Jelly Bean) and there are employees of Google testing this version in your Nexus devices.

The guys at Android Police, that nothing, no escapes have received a tip-off and to analyze your server logs have discovered that they have accessed your web devices with Android 4.3 and build number JWR23B. The first letter of the compilation confirms that it continues to be Jelly Bean to start with “J”.

Accuracy is given to these connections with 4.3 Android (Jelly Bean) because the range of IP addresses belonging to the offices of Google and already in the past also served to remove older versions of Android in the light.

In addition, in the last hours are popping up messages of developers of Chromium reporting errors with the compilation JWR23B, What gives even more credibility to 4.3 Android (Jelly Bean). The devices that are testing this version are the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, 7 and 10.

It also gives more truth to this information which less than three weeks has not yet appeared in any server logs version 5.0 Android (Key Lime Pie) when within weeks of the presentation of the new version of Android is beginning to find records. Although clear, esto is not yet fully confirmed and does not remove finally Google make this version 4.3 (Jelly Bean) 5.0 Android (Key Lime Pie), although it would not be normal.

When 5.0 Android (Key Lime Pie)?

As if finally confirmed presenting 15 may 4.3 Android (Jelly Bean) major upgrade, 5.0 Android (Key Lime Pie), It would be presented at the end of this year, between October and November with the successor to the Nexus 4.

Normally Google has presented the major versions of Android at the end of the year, with the exception of Android 3.0 which did earlier this year because two months ago launched Android 2.3 (Gingerbread):

  • Android 1.0: September 2008
  • Android 2.0: October 2009
  • Android 3.0: February 2011
  • Android 4.0: October 2011
  • 5.0 Android: Do October 2013?

On the Internet there are rumors that say that 5.0 Android (Key Lime Pie) would be presented at the end of the year to resubmit an important version of Android by the end of the year. This would give manufacturers with updates a respite to now launch one smaller version and would make Jelly Bean will sink further in the market (currently 25% of quota) braked a little fragmentation.

What is not yet known are updates to the next version of Android is the version that is. According to rumours they would be improvements in the interface of their applications to apply the new style “Holo – Google Now”, the new Babel, “Game Center” of Google instant messaging application and the new version of Google Wallet with their cards, tickets and tickets to the PassBook of Apple style. This new version could already have finally the entire interface to Matias Duarte for Android.