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MBA Admissions

There is no "right" age or length of work experience necessary for applying to an MBA program. Incoming students range in age from 23 to 43. The average age for most full-time students entering MBA programs is between 25 and 27.

Business school admissions are based on three basic criteria:

Experience is not limited to work history, but also includes personal life experiences, travels, volunteer work, and hobbies. These experiences should be reflected in application essays and recommendations.

GPA and GMAT scores are important, but experiences outside the classroom can count just as much. Remember that you must convince an admissions committee that your abilities and experiences will make you a valuable addition to that program.

Many schools now emphasize diversity in their admissions. The concept of diversity extends beyond ethnicity to include life experiences. Individuals who can show something unique about themselves, individuals who can enhance the learning experiences of their classmates, are actively sought by admissions committees. Not everyone has to be a fighter pilot or a rock star, however, to be a successful applicant.

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