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Asian Online MBA Programs

A number of business schools in Asia Pacifica and outside the region provide distance learning MBA programs in Asia pacific. Australia and the UK business schools are probably at least as well known in the region as US schools for distance learning MBA programs. Examples of UK schools with a good reputation in the region are City University which offers its MBA via the City University of Hong Kong (NEED TO CHECK THIS) and the Open University. Australian business schools include Curtin, Brisbane Graduate School of Business and the University of South Australia.

Asia Week published a ranking of distance learning MBA programs for the Asia pacific region based on research at the end of 2000.

Top Asia distance learning MBA program ranking

1       City University of Hong Kong
2       Curtin University of Technology, Australia
3       Brisbane Graduate School of Business
4       Birla Institute of Technology and Science (India)
5       University of South Australia (International GSM)
6       Open University of Hong Kong


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