See and be seen on South Beach, admire the Art Deco architecture and get a taste of Cuba in Little Havana. Combine this with the warm climate and the mix of American culture and Caribbean influences and you get a good picture of vibrant Miami. The city is located in the southeast of the Sunshine State on the Miami River. Because of its location, it is a gateway to the Florida Everglades, the Florida Keys archipelago and the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Of course you want to see everything during your visit to Miami, but with the amount of interesting sights that is almost impossible. That’s why we have a number of must-see tips for you on your first visit to the city.

What you really need to see in Miami

So where in Miami do you start? Start with the first thing you see when you enter Miami: the MiMo architecture, or Miami Modern. It is a style that formed after World War II in response to the stark architecture that already existed. Glamor, fun and materials were added to the minimalist buildings. This unique style can be found especially in Middle and Upper Miami Beach and Biscayne Boulevard and a good example of this is the Bacardi Building in Midtown Miami.

According to Foodezine, in the Coconut Drove district, the beautiful villa Vizcaya is surrounded by beautiful gardens. It was built in the 20th century as a winter residence by the industrialist James Deering . Its architectural style is inspired by the Italian regions of Veneto and Tuscany. In the villa you will find more than seventy rooms with furniture and paintings from the 15th to the 19th century, including European style. Here you get a glimpse of the life of the nouveau riche with many novelties that were not very common at the time. You can also walk in the gardens here and there is a stone barge in the water in front of the villa.

Bustling South Beach

You’ve probably already seen South Beach. Maybe not in real life, but on TV. It is one of the most famous beaches in the world where photo shoots are also done for major brands. This is the place to watch the beautiful people of Miami, but of course you can also just take a dip in the water. From here you also step onto Ocean Drive with its amazing art deco buildings and hotels that provide a nice backdrop for the necessary photos. Admire the American vintage cars and modern cars that drive on Ocean Drive, step aside for the sports enthusiasts on roller skates or walk to the Versace house.

The Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science science museum

Learn about living systems, the solar system, nature, light and lasers, the human body and mind, and much more at the Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. Here you can step into the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through interactive exhibits and unique shows.

Overnight in Miami

After strolling through Miami all day, you are ready to settle down on a nice bed and process the impressions of that day. In addition to a good bed, it is also nice if the hotel has some nice facilities, so that you can grab a bite to eat or enjoy a treatment in the spa. We have therefore listed a number of nice hotels for you.

The hip hostel Freehand

If you are looking for a small and affordable hostel within walking distance of the beach, Freehand is highly recommended. The small and quirky hostel has a unique interior with special vintage flea market bargains. You can have a drink in the hostel’s Broken Shaker bar, while you enjoy a meal in the nearby restaurant. It is ideal for mingling with other international guests: you can choose between shared rooms for 4 or 8 people or a private room for 2. If you want to stay near world-famous Miami Beach, this is the place for you. It is in fact within easy driving distance of the hostel. In addition, you can also walk to the other nearby beach.

The trendy hotel East

Four swimming pools, a restaurant, a rooftop bar and a 24-hour gym: whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it at the East hotel. The rooftop bar is on the 40th floor making the views spectacular. On the 5th floor you can enjoy delicious food in the authentic restaurant and then enjoy the modern rooms with a full belly. Enjoy more views of the city from your spacious balcony or watch programs on the deluxe TV. The Miami feeling really comes to you in this beautiful hotel.

Restaurants in Miami

In bustling Miami there are also plenty of restaurants for delicious dishes. Florida cuisine is extremely diverse. Of course, America is best known for its fast food chains, but you can also enjoy delicious healthy food here. The choice is entirely yours: from typical American dinners to Cuban dishes and cozy restaurants with European cuisine. Which sometimes makes it difficult to choose which restaurant to actually visit. We can therefore recommend the following restaurants:

Pizzeria Lucia

Pizzeria Luccia is a wonderful restaurant where you can order antipasti, delicious pizza and authentic pastas. Located on Sunset Drive in South Miami, the restaurant’s passion for food is reflected in the dishes. Not only do the dishes taste great, but they are little works of art presented on your plate.

The new palace

This is the newest addition of the Aldo Lamberti Family and is located in the Bueno Vista neighborhood. Here you will taste Italian tapas combined with the local flavors of Miami. Moreover, you are within walking distance of the Design District. In Palat not only care is given to the taste of the dishes, but also to the presentation thereof.

Trips from the city

You really just need a rental car in Miami to see the most of the city and its surroundings. You can pick up a rental car from as many as 36 locations in the city, including the airport. This way you get the most out of your trip and you have a better chance to see all the sights that are on your list.

The Everglades

The largest subtropical wilderness in the American South is the Everglades. You have to drive to the southwestern tip of Florida for this, but you will also be richly rewarded for this. The park can be divided into three distinct areas: Shark Valley which is the northeast of the park, Flamingo in the south of the park and 10,000 Islands in the northwest. You can drive through the national park beautifully and keep your eyes peeled for one of the hundreds of bird species including the osprey, the snake-necked bird and the great blue heron. But panthers and alligators also live in this area. From the lookout point Pa-hay-okee you have a beautiful view over a sea of ​​grass and water, while you walk excitingly through overgrown vegetation at Mahogany Hammock.

Florida Keys

Florida Keys is a completely different side of America that is very much like the Caribbean. This tropical archipelago has beautiful beaches, clear water and wonderful temperatures: in short, an ideal combination for a relaxing holiday in the great nature. From Miami to Key West, one of the most beautiful car routes in America runs here, the southern part of Highway 1. You can easily reach the islands from the mainland because they are linked by 42 bridges. At the islands themselves you can snorkel in the crystal clear water, rent a canoe or kayak or enjoy a sunset.

Florida Keys

Miami really is for everyone

Miami is one of those must-see cities. This legendary destination has so much to offer that boredom just won’t set in, whatever your interests. If you want to discover as much of Florida as possible, a rental car is the best option. This way you can go in all directions to make your visit to this American state as diverse as possible and to cross off as many sights as possible from your list.


A Travel Guide of Miami, Florida
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