All about Profiles 4.3 Android Limited (Jelly Bean)

More novelty and most important functionality for the user of 4.3 Android (Jelly Bean) are the limited profiles tablets, that owner may decide which applications a particular user, putting its restrictions may have access.

The limited profiles they come to be the Android parental control, but dependent on the multiuser support only available in tablets because Google understands that they are devices that are shared among several members of a House, while a mobile is personal. These profiles are also useful for the points of sale, so customers can not install applications on tablets of exposure, although leaving uninstalling applications that are not series.

How restricted profiles?

Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) gave support multiuser but now starting from 4.3 Android (Jelly Bean) You can add two types of users on our tablet: a normal user and a limited profile. The normal user has your content and applications, cannot access the applications and games that we have purchased, while the limited profile have restricted content and applications by the administrator but if you enjoy our content of payment. In both types of users each have their own space for files and data.

A limited profile always you will have blocked access to Google Play and internal purchases of applications. This type of user unlike the others do not have to set up your profile with your Google account, indeed, may not currently use applications that depend on a limited user account of Google like Gmail, Calendar, YouTube, Google Now and cia, but instead if that is accessible for example our music, books or movies, always and when give them permission from our account manager.

To create a profile that is limited only to have that have a set lock screen to protect our data and go to Settings > users and click “Add user or profile” select a Limited profile. Once created only have to configure that user, put a name, an avatar and select the restrictions to say that content and our applications the user will be able to access, although that user will have its own application data, not access our. In addition, the user of this profile may remove from its Launcher applications you do not want and to return them to the administrator will have to give them permission again.

In the configuration restrictions in some applications is may restrict features, like for example that a certain limited profile can not access the configuration of an application, change the language of a game, that the application does not display new content to download or buy, etc… Currently there are many incompatible applications but it is expected that the developers added support in future updates.

The main idea of the limited Android profiles It is that these users cannot install or buy content on the tablet, although if the administrator has enabled the option to install applications from sources unknown also will have it enabled profiles limited, with which the administrator would have to clear to prevent these users installed applications.

It must also be very careful when setting up restrictions so that applications work correctly. By default they come restricted camera and Gallery applications, and it would have to enable the two to a limited profile can correctly use applications that require access to the Gallery to select a photo, but might be blocked when trying to open the gallery and not being able to. In the Gallery of each single user you can see their own images, they can’t see the rest of profiles. And the same thing happens with downloads, every user has his space.