All about the 2nd Phase of the Agate Roquette Diet

The 31-day diet continues to be a success. If you are thinking about following this diet know more about the second phase.

All about the 2nd Phase of the Agate Roquette Diet

It is no secret that the 31-day diet has many followers. The diet created by the agronomist Agata Roquetteis based on the Atkins and South Beach diets (protein diets), but is characterized by being adapted to the eating habits of the Portuguese. This is not, for the rest, the first time we talk about the 31-day diet here. After an overview , we also tell you more about the first phase and now it is time to talk about the second of the four phases that complete the diet of the 31 days.


It is the intermediate phase. Like the first phase, it has a planned duration of 15 days, although it should last until reaching the desired weight. The estimated weekly weight loss is one to two pounds (both men and women).

During the second phase the weight loss is lower than in the first phase (where two to three kilos can be lost in the case of women, or four to five in the case of men), since the reintroduction of some carbohydrates in food, although with some restrictions. As for food allowed and / or banned there is no great news, only soup and fruit that are integrated into the diet (but gradually).

And of course, there’s no shortage of Scrooge Day, where you’re allowed to eat everything.


Well, in addition to the list of permitted foods in stage one (for example, lean meats, fish, shellfish and molluscs, preserved tuna (in water or olive oil), eggs, sausages (such as ham or turkey or chicken mortadella (except for those on the list of prohibited foods), gelatine, water or spices and spices) are still allowed, but in controlled quantities:

  1. Fruit (in particular: an apple, a pear, an orange or a peach, or two kiwis or two mandarins; the fruit must be consumed after lunch or dinner or between meals, but always accompanied by a yogurt or cheese and never isolated) ;
  2. Soup (must be introduced at dinner, set three nights a week to eat only soup at dinner; soup should be prepared using only the vegetables allowed).


    They are exactly the same as in phase 1, except for fruit and soup. Also the banana, although it is fruit, is outside, for having a high glycemic index.