Android 4.3 Us Advise with a Notification Persistent Las Applications That Do Not “Close”

We keep discovering more what’s new with Androd 4.3 (Jelly Bean). Now, thanks to Dianne Hackborn Android team, we know that Android 4.3 notify us that applications are running in the foreground even if we leave them with a persistent notification.

Android allows developers to execute services in the foreground with the Service. startForeground API for which your application continue running even if we leave it, but one requirement is to notify the user of esto displaying a persistent notification which will show when the user stop the service or close the application. Well, many developers have abused this API and have been creating notifications incorrect is not show in the taskbar notifications and thus deceive the user, who thinks that to return to the desktop application already has stopped running in the foreground to not be notified.

Google already is tired of are practical and from Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) the user always know that applications are running in the foreground, i.e., which are using all the resources of the system and spending more battery than applications that use services in the background to run background.

The first idea of Google was to automatically forcing the closure of those applications, but being so many and some very popular decided to implement the notice does not affect the operation of those applications. Applications that does not alert you by default in the notification bar that they are still running will be the own system who let us know of esto, displaying the icon and name of the application that is running, and by clicking on that notification will take us to the application information to be able to force his arrest if from within that application cannot find the option to completely shut down.

Thanks Google has implemented this new functionality, so we can actually detect that applications are running in the foreground, so to close them or uninstall them if we don’t like that they are always running.