Why does everyone really care so much about an MBA ranking? Because it provides clues on the way to the right MBA degree. But should you choose your degree based on a ranking? Rather no – if you pay attention to certain things. We have created an overview of the MBA ranking and give tips on how to find the best personal program.

MBA rankings

There are thousands of searches related to MBA rankings. And dozens of providers who use very different methods to compare universities and study programs in different countries. Some use the graduates’ salaries to classify them. Others try to compile a ranking list based on supposed objective criteria such as “scientific reputation” or “reputation with employers”.

Some companies live very well from the creation of these comparison lists. Conversely, universities must appear as high up in the rankings as possible so that they can be recognized internationally and that students can win. So there is plenty of room for influence and deception.

Our advice: The ranking should not be decisive

Don’t get us wrong: If you want to do a top MBA and pay a lot of money for it, you should research beforehand that the university is known beyond the borders of its own country and that graduates have good career opportunities. Otherwise you put a lot of money in the sand.

However, it can also be very appropriate to do an MBA at a supposedly small university of applied sciences that does not appear in any ranking. Because if this course of study exactly matches your career wishes and your employer also sees the advantages, the academic degree can go far.

For whom an MBA ranking comparison is worthwhile and for whom not

The MBA is interesting for two career types: for career enhancers and career changers. The latter is more likely to be recommended for a specialized MBA and these are typically rarely included in the rankings. In addition, the costs are usually somewhat lower than for large management MBAs. You can complete such a degree program from just 8,000 euros.

And to put it briefly: Do you want a really great career, ideally right down to the board seat? Then you should study an international top MBA that also appears in the rankings. But you should also plan a lot of time and money for this, because the top rankings easily start at 30,000 euros and most include courses abroad of one to several weeks.


Ranking not so important:
you want at a German company (small, medium, large, but rarely an international group) make a career, but n maybe necessarily with a vengeance to the top top positions? Then a “normal” German MBA can be suitable. Depending on the career ladder level and ambition at a well-known business school, or also a specialized MBA at a smaller university. Both can be very beneficial for a career in this environment – the most important thing is that the MBA suits you and your profession or professional goal.

Ranking important:
When it comes down to which university name your MBA holds. Anyone who wants to become a board member of a DAX group should not have completed a “small 8,000 euro MBA”.



1 Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
2 NUS Business School (National University of Singapore)
3 Asian Institute of Management (Philippines)
4 Melbourne Business School
5 Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
6 College of Business Administration (Seoul National University)
7 Sasin Graduate Institute of Business and Administration (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
8 Chinese University of Hong Kong
9 Nanyang Business School (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
10 Graduate School of Management (International University of Japan)
11 University of Hong Kong School of Business
12 Waseda University Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies (Japan)
13 China Europe International Business School (China)
14 School of Management (Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand)
15 Macquarie Graduate School of Management (Australia)
16 Monash Mount Eliza Business School (Australia)
17 College of Commerce (National Cheng-chi University, Taiwan)
18 Graduate School of Management (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
19 Faculty of Commerce (Hitotsubashi University, Japan)
20 School of Management (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay)
21 City University of Hong Kong
22 Graduate School of Management (University of Queensland, Australia)
23 Lahore University of Management Sciences (Pakistan)
24 College of Business Administration (University of the Philippines)
25 College of Management (National Taiwan University of Science & Technology)
26 School of Management (RMIT University, Australia)
27 Graduate School of Business (University of Technology Sydney)
28 Birla Institute of Technology and Science (India)
29 Graduate School of Business (De La Salle University, Philippines)
30 Brisbane Graduate School of Business (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
31 Graduate School of Management (University of Adelaide, Australia)
32 Faculty of Business and Accountancy (University of Malaya)
33 Graduate School of Business (Curtin University of Technology, Australia)
34 T. A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal (India)
35 Institute of Business Administration (University of Dhaka)
36 School of International Politics, Economics and Business (Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan)
37 Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (India)
38 International Management Institute (India)
39 University of Waikato Management School (New Zealand)
40 International Graduate School of Management (University of South Australia)
41 Bharathidasan Institute of Management (India)
42 Malaysian Graduate School of Management (Universiti Putra Malaysia)
43 Universiti Sains Malaysia School of Management
44 College of Economics and Management (Chungnam National University, South Korea)
45 Graduate School of Business (Ritsumeikan University, Japan)
46 Mahanakorn University of Technology (Thailand)
47 School of Business and Administration (Open University of Hong Kong)
48 B. K. School of Business Management (Gujarat University, India)
49 College of Graduate Study in Management (Khon Kaen University, Thailand)
50 Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (Pakistan)
Asian MBA Rankings