ASUS Zenfone 6: Chic Price Breaker With Hook

The Zenfone 6 offers good facilities at a low price. The Intel processor but causes that not all Android apps on the Phablet run.

While the big players, à la Apple, Samsung and even LG or Nokia CES – at least as regards the smart phone sector – as usual elegant disregard, use other manufacturers such as Sony, ZTE or ARCHOS the Electronics Show in Las Vegas, to present their products.

Also, ASUS has some equipment in the luggage that the Asus Zenfone 6 may is the most interesting. The 6-inch Phablet is come from the United States in the simplest trim level a considerably low price of $ 199 in stores, with us the price should be euro a better facilities at about 3oo, the unit for the second quarter is expected in 2014.

Zenbook-inspired design

Despite the low MSRP, we have to do it here is not with an artsy. Already the elegant exterior ensures. Below the menu buttons, you can see a semicircle pattern that is reminiscent of ASUS’ Ultrabook series “Zenbook” on the front. The name comes from about. The weight of 200 grams and the depth of 9.9 mm are certainly no peaks at the size but still acceptable. Of colors, black, white, red and gold are available.

The material is however not aluminum, but plastic coated ceramics, such as explains. The 6 “display triggers in contrast to upper classes Phablets à la Samsung Galaxy touch 3 not in FullHD, but ‘only’ in HD (1.280 x 800 p) on.” This leads to a pixel density of 252 ppi. The device is powered by a 2 GHz Intel Atom Z2580 processor, 2 GB large memory – supported in the Europe version of one the entry-level version for $199 only 1 GB has to offer.

Intel CPU’s Achilles heel

The Intel chipset should play according to the manufacturer, especially when the graphics performance in a League with the 2013 top devices Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.  However, you must know that the Intel processor can bring not all Android apps running, since most of the usual Smartphone processor ARM architecture are adapted.

While all standard applications should work, there could be problems especially at games from smaller developers studios here. Motorola has solved this in the Moto RAZR i you had an emulator for Android apps on board. Perhaps ASUS pushes to so something even for its Zenfone series.

ZenUI with nice features

Otherwise, the Zenfone 6 has a 16 GB internal memory with the possibility of expanding the memory on board and runs on Google Android 4.3 jelly bean, where an update on Android 4.4 is announced. About the OS an in-house “ZenUI” is set, with custom menus and icons, as well as own applications as “what’s next”, a kind of personal, even learners Task Wizard. With “Do it later” you can register emails etc for later reading.

Another unique feature of the Zenfone 6 is the ability to use the display not only with gloves, but also with pins. The “PixelMaster” – 13-MP -camera with back-illuminated sensor and f/2.0 aperture should make for good shots even in low-light conditions. A 2 MP front camera is also on board as a special audio technique called “SonicMaster”. You must waive probably on LTE and NFC, the remaining standard of à la Wi-Fi, GPS, and MicroUSB are but certainly on board.

Need of improvement

Whether the Smartphone with us to blockbuster or shopkeeper is impossible to judge, to do this even more information about the exact price and first test reports are missing. In my opinion, ASUS should go but still the Intel problem and think about an emulator. Then, the Zenfone 6 would really represent an affordable and attractive alternative to the Phablet market.