Base Pure, Smart And All-In: New Tariffs For Mobile

Telephony and text messaging
Who has no internet access, offers three classic fares without data plan for the E-plus. There are in the package base pure classic already for five euros fee both 50 inclusive minutes and 50 inclusive SMS in all german mobile phone networks and the german fixed network. For additional five euros, base smart classic also the free quota doubled in the tariff. Unlimited calls and write SMS with the base all-in classic, for 20 euro per month no limit gives you E-plus.

Data rates

Also the packages for smartphone users has adapted E-plus and the classic fares each extended a certain quota of data. Already monthly 2.50 euros more for the base-pur-tariff with 50 megabytes of data volume. Base smart with internet usage cost per month 15 euro at 200 megabytes included and base all-30 euro for 500 megabytes. Specially for notebook or tablet PC provides E-plus to three own data packages: My BASE internet flat M with 500 megabytes for 10 euros monthly, flat L with a gigabyte for 15 euro and flat XL with five gigabytes of data volume for 20 euros a month. These three prices are monthly via.

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51 mobile phones the main new equipment data volume

The data volume is gone, depress base internet speed GPRS-level down. The maximum amount of bandwidth has reduced E-plus in general to 3.6 megabits per second, instead of previously 7.2 megabits per second. According to his own statements, the mobile service provider would like to allow that all customers are balanced using the mobile internet. The file upload is to 800 kilobits a second limited.

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Monthly bookable packages offer additional scope: Fixed network number for the phone for five euros a month lets your callers around to reach the fixed network rate. Also for calls abroad or from abroad, if you are traveling, packages has put together E-plus. For each plan, there are different additional options according to your own needs put together.