List of the 10 largest rocks in the world. The biggest rock in the world is known as Uluru or Ayers Rock, followed by Zuma Rock and Sugarloaf Mountain.

List of the Biggest Rocks in the World

The biggest rock in the world is located in Australia and is known as Uluru or Ayers Rock, followed by Zuma Rock in Nigeria and Morro do Pão de Açúcar in Brazil. The criterion used for the inclusion of these rocks in the list of the largest rocks is the geological feature, in this case, the monolith. The monolith is a geological formation consisting of only a block of stone or rock, as if it were a mountain. In the top-10 of the largest rocks in the World , the existence of these geological formations are represented by all the continents of the World, the best known or the most sought after are the Rock of Gibraltar, El Capitan in Yosemite National Park , Sugar in Rio de Janeiro and The world’s largest monolith , Uluru.

10th Pena de Bernal

The first rock in this ranking is located in Mexico, being the largest rock in this country, at an altitude of over 350 meters. Formed 100 million years ago, it is estimated that this rock was once three times taller.

Pena de Bernal

9th Rock of Gibraltar

This 400-meter high rock located on the southern coast of Spain is the main highlight of Gibraltar, a British overseas territory and has been the subject of disputes between Spain and Great Britain.

8th El Capitan

Located in Yosemite National Park , the El Capitan monolith is one of the most demanding and sought after challenges for climbers. It is 910 meters high.

7th Torres del Paine

They are a set of three towers that are granite monoliths shaped by the force of glacial ice located in the Park of the same name, in Chile.

6th Ben Amera

Located in one of the largest deserts in the world , the Ben Amera monolith in Mauritania is considered in some sources to be the 2nd largest monolith in the world behind Uluru.

5th Devils Tower

The largest rock in the United States of America is about 386 meters high and is an ancient core of a volcano exposed to erosion.

4th Sigiriya

The biggest rock in Asia is located in Sri Lanka and, like Devils Tower, it is an ancient core of a volcano, being one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country.

3rd Sugar Loaf

It must be one of the best known rocks in the world for the emblematic side that it gives to Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, Pão de Açúcar is one of the biggest rocks in the world and one of the most visited in the world.

2nd Zuma Rock

The biggest rock in Africa is twice as tall as the biggest rock in the world , Uluru, yet it is only one-third the width of the rock located in Australia.

1st Uluru

Uluru or Ayers Rock is the largest rock and monolith in the world and is one of the best known natural icons in Australia and the world. The rock can change color depending on the time of day.

List of the 10 Biggest Rocks in the World

Position Rock name Parents
1 uluru Australia
2 Zuma Rock Nigeria
3 Sugar Loaf Brazil
4 Sigiriya Sri Lanka
5 Devils Tower USA
6 ben amera Mauritania
7 Torres del Paine Chile
8 El Capitan USA
9 rock of gibraltar England
10 Peña de Bernal Mexico