Carlin, Nevada is a small city located at the northern tip of Elko County. It borders the cities of Elko and Wells, as well as the towns of West Wendover, Battle Mountain, and Golconda. Carlin is a great place to explore due to its close proximity to these other towns and cities.

Elko is the largest city near Carlin, located only twenty miles away. It is home to several museums such as the Northeastern Nevada Museum and California Trail Interpretive Center which offer insight into the area’s history. Elko also has a vibrant nightlife with plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants for visitors to enjoy.

Wells is another town located near Carlin that offers visitors plenty of attractions such as Ruby View Golf Course, Angel Lake Scenic Byway, and Lamoille Canyon National Scenic Byway. Visitors can also take part in activities like fishing or boating on Wildhorse Reservoir or explore nearby Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

West Wendover is located just across the state line in Utah and features several casinos along with an amusement park and waterpark for family fun. Battle Mountain is a small town situated in Lander County that offers great camping opportunities at places like Humboldt River Ranch or Battle Mountain State Recreation Area.

Finally, Golconda is a small town located about an hour south of Carlin and features several attractions such as hot springs for relaxation or fishing spots like Rye Patch Reservoir for outdoor recreation opportunities. All these nearby towns provide visitors with plenty of things to do when visiting Carlin, Nevada.

Population of Carlin, Nevada

Carlin, Nevada is a small city located in the northern tip of Elko County. As of 2019, the population was estimated to be just over 2,000 people. The majority of Carlin’s population is made up of white Americans, making up nearly 80% of the population. The second largest demographic are Hispanic or Latino Americans, making up roughly 16% of the population.

The median age in Carlin is 33 years old with a gender distribution that slightly favors women (51%) over men (49%). The average household size in Carlin is 2.45 people and the median household income is $42,813 per year.

In terms of education attainment, nearly 90% of adults 25 years or older have some form of high school diploma or higher. Roughly 22% have at least a bachelor’s degree while 8% have an advanced degree such as a master’s degree or higher.

Carlin also has a large military presence with 11% of residents having served in the armed forces at one point in their life. This includes members from all branches including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

Overall, Carlin has a diverse population that consists mostly of white and Hispanic/Latino Americans who come from all walks of life and have varying levels of education attainment and incomes. The city also has an impressive military presence which showcases its patriotism and commitment to service for our country.

Schools and Education in Carlin, Nevada

Carlin, Nevada is home to two public schools: Carlin Combined School and Carlin Elementary School. Both schools are part of the Elko County School District and offer a comprehensive education for students from kindergarten through 8th grade. Check topmbadirectory for Nevada MBA schools.

Carlin Combined School is the larger of the two schools with an enrollment of approximately 400 students. It offers a variety of classes including math, science, social studies, language arts, physical education and art. The school also has an extensive extracurricular program with activities such as student council, yearbook club and sports teams.

Carlin Elementary School is a smaller school with an enrollment of around 200 students. It offers all the same classes as Carlin Combined School but on a smaller scale. The school also has an active extracurricular program which includes student council, yearbook club and sports teams.

In addition to these two public schools, there are also several private schools located in the area that offer alternative educational options for families looking for something different than traditional public education. These include Faith Lutheran School which offers Christian-based education for grades K-8; White Pine Christian Academy which provides K-12 instruction from a Christian perspective; and Silver State Academy which offers Montessori education for children ages 3-18.

Overall, Carlin has several educational options available to its residents ranging from traditional public schooling to private Christian or Montessori education. The schools in the area are dedicated to providing quality instruction and a safe learning environment for all students. With its diverse population and commitment to service, Carlin is an excellent place for families to find the educational resources they need.

Carlin, Nevada

Places of Interest in Carlin, Nevada

Carlin, Nevada is a small town located in Elko County in the northeastern part of the state. It is home to a variety of attractions and activities that appeal to all ages.

The Carlin Museum of Natural History is one of the most popular tourist spots in town. The museum houses an extensive collection of artifacts and exhibits related to the area’s natural history. Visitors can learn about wildlife, geology, and paleontology through interactive displays and hands-on activities.

Carlin also has several outdoor recreational opportunities for visitors to enjoy. The Carlin Lake Trail is a popular hiking trail that winds through the local mountains with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. There are also several other trails in the area for mountain biking, horseback riding, and ATV riding.

For those looking for something more leisurely, Carlin has several parks and playgrounds where visitors can relax and enjoy some fresh air. The city park has picnic areas and playground equipment while the nearby Eagle Valley Park has a large pond stocked with trout for fishing enthusiasts.

Other attractions in Carlin include historic sites such as the old train depot which dates back to 1869; art galleries featuring works from local artists; antiques shops full of unique items; restaurants serving up delicious cuisine; and even an old-fashioned movie theater showing classic films from decades past.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure or just want to take it easy, there’s something for everyone in Carlin, Nevada. From museums to parks, galleries to theaters – this small town offers plenty of places to explore and discover its unique charm!

Carlin, Nevada Population, Schools and Places of Interest
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