Cell Phone MP20 Eyo Jaguar

Learn all about the MP20 Eyo Jaguar , plus an extremely cost effective handset from these “generic” brands.

Cell Phone MP20 Eyo Jaguar

The MP20 Eyo Jaguar has a sturdy and strong appearance, especially in the spreading photos. It is undoubtedly a handsome and attention-grabbing device. The MP20 Eyo Jaguar allows the reception of analog TV, 2 chips at the same time (dual chip or dual SIM), has FM radio and plays MP3 and MP4 files.

The bluetooth connection is also present to facilitate the transfer of files to the memory card which can have up to 4GB capacity.

One of the important features is the keyboard of the MP20 Eyo Jaguar , which is complete in the style of Nokia E71. The connection to the internet can be made through the GPRS or WAP network, because the MP20 Eyo Jaguar does not have Wi-Fi function.

The camera of the MP20 Eyo Jaguar is of 3MP and allows and has digital zoom and integrated flash.

See photos of the MP20 Eyo Jaguar in wine color. It really is a very different device in terms of layout.

Anyway …. is an average device compared to others that serve the same niche market. Do you have or have you had this device? Leave your own review about MP20 Eyo Jaguar!