Population: 51.400 thousand people (2010)
Area: 84.6 sq. km
Founded: 1787
Time zone: UTC-5, summer UTC-4
Altitude: 182 m

Charleston, located in central West Virginia, is the state’s capital and largest city. It stretched out along both banks of the Canova River.┬áSee West Virginia cities.

A settlement at the confluence of the Moose River with Canova was founded in 1787 under the name of Fort Lee. Under this name, the settlement did not last long. It was renamed by the founder of the settlement, Colonel Clendenin, naming it in honor of his father – Charlestown. The name was later shortened to Charleston so as not to be confused with another West Virginian Charlestown.

According to itypetravel.com, the city became the state capital in 1877. By that time, salt, coal and natural gas were being successfully mined in Charleston. However, the economic recovery continued until the 1960s, when the city reached a historical maximum population. Until the end of the 20th century, Charleston was in decline, the offices of companies in the historic center and industrial enterprises were closed, turning certain areas of the city into “ghosts” and causing an outflow of the population. In recent decades, Charleston has been recovering from its “depression” years.

There are no significant attractions in Charleston. We can highlight the State Capitol building, several churches, the development of the historical center, cultural institutions and the picturesque natural landscapes of the surroundings.

Charleston, West Virginia

Charleston, West Virginia
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