According to Abbreviation Finder, Rome is a big city, and for most people it is important to find a hotel that does not involve too much wasted time traveling. The price level is at the same level as one might expect from a European capital, ie quite similar to Norwegian prices.

In general, you are unlikely to make the wrong choice if you stay within or near what is called the Centro Storico, Rome’s historic center. Here are a bunch of suggestions with a description of what to expect and which area within the city center might suit your needs (how to find the right hotel).

Monti and Celio Heights

In ancient Rome, Monti was the most dubious area of ​​the city, and what would today be called the “red-light district”. Later, in the Middle Ages, Monti was considered a little hell on earth, characterized by poverty, slums and dangerous people. Today, however, the district is perhaps the most trendy district in Rome. The pretty and narrow streets are full of cool bars, cozy restaurants, elegant designer shops and hip people.

In the southeastern part of the area is Celiohøyden, where it is also nice to live. This area is a little less busy, and the restaurants have a more family feel to them. If you live in this area, you get walking distance to, among other places, the Colosseum.



Trastevere is an old working class neighborhood, and today considered one of the most photogenic districts. The huge main road Viale Trastevere divides the district in two. On the side facing the river (east) it is most quiet, with many churches and cozy streets. On the opposite side of the main road (west) it is close together with good nightclubs, bars, restaurants. That part is one of Rome’s best districts for those who enjoy the nightlife. From Trastevere you are walking distance to the Vatican.


Are you in Rome for shopping? Then you should find a hotel in the part of the city center called Tridente. Start in Piazza di Spagna, stay in the middle of the most fashionable shops, great restaurants, elegant bars and cafés, and have the Spanish Steps and Villa Borghese within walking distance.

The area around Villa Borghese

If you have your pants on and want to stay the best, at any cost, we can recommend the area around Villa Borghese, and especially the street Via Veneto that snakes up to the park and the villa. There are many of the most luxurious hotels, frequently visited by movie stars and other celebrities. Please note that many of the restaurants and nightclubs are packed with tourists. Instead, choose restaurants in other areas if you want to experience something more authentic in the food route.


The Navona area, with the Campo de ‘Fiori and the old Jewish ghetto nearby, is also a very good place to find a hotel. There are not many sights here, although the Pantheon is within walking distance. This means that the area is not crowded with tourists. Thus, restaurants, cafes, bars, and so on, have a more local appeal. Of course, you should also see the flower market if you live in this area.

Recommended hotels in Rome

  • Palazzo Navona-With an address right in the center of Rome, the Palazzo Navona is the ideal base for experiencing all that Rome has to offer. It is ten steps from Piazza Navona, while Campo de ‘Fiori and the Pantheon are a 1-minute walk away. It should be well done to find a better starting point for exploring ancient historic Rome and the cozy side streets. The surrounding area is also rich in shops, restaurants and beautiful churches. The Via dei Condotti shopping street and the historic Roman Forum are also within walking distance of the hotel door. The rooms are modern and elegant with Scandinavian style in the decor. The service is impeccable and you get a delicious breakfast with the purchase. Also take a look at the wonderful roof terrace, nothing is better than enjoying a glass of wine here after a long day of exploring Rome.
  • Damaso Hotel- Damaso Hotel is a relatively newly renovated three star hotel in a very central location in Navona. Here you are a short walk from famous monuments such as the Campo de ‘Fiori and the Pantheon. St. Peter’s Square and the Vatican City are 1.9 km away, so it is entirely possible to walk to most of Rome’s many sights from the hotel. If you want to take a taxi, there is a taxi rank on the other side of the hotel. The rooms are nice and modern, and with great bathrooms. A terrific roof terrace overlooking Rome is an added bonus. The hotel receives very good feedback from Norwegian guests who have stayed at the hotel.
  • Hotel Monte CenciHotel Monte Cenci is a four star hotel located a few steps from the river Tiber. The restaurant and bars of Trastevere are just 10 minutes away, while the Pantheon or Piazza Navona are a 15-minute walk away. In other words, you live very centrally and within walking distance to a number of Rome’s sights. Although the hotel is centrally located, it is located in a quiet area, where you can preserve your night’s sleep. The hotel has a free buffet breakfast included in the price.
Choose the Right Hotels in Rome
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