The Darden School of Business is an elite business school located in Charlottesville, Virginia. It is the second-oldest graduate business school in the United States, and it is consistently ranked as one of the top business schools in the world. The Darden School of Business offers a range of degree programs, including full-time MBA, executive MBA, Global MBA for Executives, and Master’s Degrees in Business Administration and Data Science. In addition to its rigorous academic curriculum, Darden also provides a variety of extracurricular activities and opportunities for students to further their development. These include student organizations, conferences and workshops, career services events, mentoring programs, international student exchange programs and much more. Additionally, the school has an entrepreneurial center that helps students explore their own ideas while learning from experienced entrepreneurs. This center also provides resources such as pitch competitions and research grants to support budding entrepreneurs. Check TOPMBADIRECTORY.COM for a full list of Hawaii MBA colleges.

As one of the leading MBA programs in the United States, Darden School of Business offers the following concentrations towards an MBA degree. Please keep reading to see the major employers of MBA graduates of Darden School of Business. On the following screen, you will also see all materials required for MBA admissions application, including MBA essays, reference letters, TOEFL score, and application fee. By clicking the logo below, you can see detailed admissions statistics for Darden School of Business.

Finance/Investment Banking, Strategy/Management Consulting, Managing Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Environmentally Sustainable Business, Management Communications, Operations, Leadership & Organizational Behavior, Ethics, Quantitative Analysis, Accounting, Marketing, Business and the Political Economy


  • Diamond Technology Partners
  • Merrill Lynch
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  • McKinsey & Co.
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
  • Ernst & Young LLP
  • A.T. Kearney, Inc.
  • Goldman Sachs & Co.
  • Booz Allen & Hamilton

APPLICATION MATERIALS (online application available through Darden school website)

 3 required essays
 Interview (strongly encouraged)
 2 letters of recommendation
 1 official transcript from each institute(self-report is acceptable)
 GMAT (ETS code: 5820)
 Résumé
 $ 140 application fee

International applicants should also provide:

Each of the following components count for roughly one-third in the admissions decision: Academics (GPA, GMAT); work/professional experience; personal attributes (essays, interview, extracurricular). The interview is strongly encouraged but not required. The committee explains, “We look for evidence of competitive academic performance, intellectual ability, significant work and life experiences, as well as other qualities of character that cannot be quantitatively measured. Factors such as breadth of perspective, international exposure, and diversity are also taken into consideration.” Applications are processed in one of three rounds. Students are rarely granted a deferral; possible reasons for one are military obligation or visa restrictions.

Darden offers several merit-based scholarships to international students. Some are specific to a single country and others to a region. Darden is part of a preferred lender program that assists students in meeting their budget while in school. No cosigner is necessary for either domestic or international students who are approved. All students are eligible to borrow up to the difference between the student budget (including the one time purchase of a required laptop computer) and any other financial aid (scholarships, grants, and loans) received via the government, Darden and its related foundation, or any other independent third-party provider of scholarships, grants, or loans.

1. Specifically address your post-MBA short and long-term professional goals. How will Darden assist you in attaining these goals? (2 pages maximum)
2. The Darden School seeks a diverse and unique entering class of future leaders. How will your distinctiveness enrich our learning environment and enhance your prospects for success as a leader? (2 pages maximum)
3. Describe a significant leadership experience, decision-making challenge, or accomplishment. How did this experience affect your professional and personal development? (2 pages maximum)
4. (Optional) Please use this opportunity to present any additional information that would assist the Admissions Committee in the evaluation of your candidacy. (2 pages maximum)

Address: P.O. Box 6550, Charlottesville, VA 22906-6550
E-Mail: [email protected] Website: Phone: 434-924-7281
Fax: 804-243-5033

Darden School of Business