Documents Confirm Key Lime Pie While Google Jokes about a New Version of Android

At the request of Qualcomm and possible violation of their intellectual property, we have withdrawn the images illustrating this post.

Scheduled for may in the upcoming Google I/O 2013, Android 5.0 is still unknown. We already know that the order is alphabetical, and plays the K, so everything indicates that Finally the Green robot be “eaten” a Key Lime Pie, but since Google has not reached any confirmation in this regard.

However, and as has been demonstrated several times, the information is handled to several bands and is not always easy to control, as well as several images that confirm the new version of Android for next spring, with a name, “K-release”, which leaves no room for doubts.

As we can see, the roadmap for Android is not only shown, but is the icon used for the K-release of Key Lime Pie, a pie of lima that should be the next symbol and name of the future version of Google’s mobile operating system.

In addition, the name is also explicitly written on the images, so we confirm lack of last-minute changes, Android 5.0 called Key Lime Pie and will arrive in spring, in time for the upcoming Google I/O 2013, where the benefits of the new version will also teach.

Google takes it to joke

From Google they take it with humor, and seeing that the news has run like wildfire, an employee named Paul Wilcox has uploaded to Google + this image with the text: “A new version of Android has been released!”.

As you already adored, is not a new version of Android in the form of characteristic figures we always reach the garden of the building of Android at Googleplex previously to the launch of new versions, but a new statue that has been installed in the building 45 the Google Campus.

In it we see a giant and chrome Android which seems to greet the respectable from an elevated position.