Those who want to complete an MBA part-time often look for clues as to which university is the best choice. However, there is no ranking that can relieve your research. We have dared to approach an “MBA part-time ranking” from various sources.

The search for the right part-time MBA is a balancing act between hard facts (costs, structure, attendance phases) and subjective feelings (how does the university affect me? What do other graduates say?). Around 90% of the MBA programs are carried out as part-time or distance learning. There are over 100 courses to choose from. A ranking could at least give a little insight.

MBA part-time – including evening and weekend courses as well as distance learning courses. However, there are few rankings. We have sorted and listed them below.

MBA rankings, screened for part-time programs

In order to find the best German universities, you can search through known MBA rankings and sort them again according to part-time courses.

Economist ranking 2015

Rank University Tuition
3 Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA 51 attendance days in 5 countries in 2 years / € 75,000
14 ESMT Berlin 1 presence week every 2 months, 3 weeks abroad / 57,500 €
39 HHL Leipzig 40 attendance days, 2-3 weeks abroad / 45,000 €
56 University of Mannheim – Mannheim Business School either 1 presence week every 6 weeks or every weekend / € 49,500
68 Mannheim / Shanghai (Tongji)

Financial Times

The FT publishes one of the most renowned MBA rankings. The following German universities with part-time programs can be found in the European Business School Ranking 2018:

Rank University
18 Mannheim Business School & Essec
24 ESMT Berlin
27 Kellogg-WHU
36 Frankfurt School of Finance
53 HHL Leipzig

Wirtschaftswoche university ranking

The WiWo does not directly evaluate the MBA programs, but “only” German universities in general. But since the image of a university is often cited as a decisive factor in the MBA, we have selected the best universities in the field of business administration and checked whether one can derive results for an MBA part-time ranking results

Rank University Tuition
1 ESB Business School 15 attendance weekends per academic year, 3 years / € 9,500
2 Pforzheim University every weekend attendance + 2 block weeks / € 13,875
3 HTW Berlin 2 attendance days per week + 1 block week per semester / 8,000 €
5 TU Munich different, e.g. attendance week every 6 weeks / 32,000 – 39,000 €

CHE university ranking

The best-known German ranking comes from the Center for University Development (CHE). There is no ranking for MBAs there, so we selected the top universities for an MBA at universities and universities of applied sciences.

Conclusion: There are hardly any right clues

As you can see, there are a few universities that are also internationally recognized for their part-time MBA courses. At the same time, these are also the most expensive. On the one hand, quality costs money, on the other hand, not everyone can afford to spend 40,000 euros for such a degree. Therefore, an “MBA part-time ranking” somehow loses its value.

Tip: How to search for the right university

We recommend that you first filter out the study options that are right for you from the complete range. In our database you can, for example, sort by location and study model.

Then it goes on like this:

  • Find out which degree courses are right for you. Should it be a General Management MBA or do you want to specialize in a certain industry, such as health management or logistics?
  • Order information material from the universities and compare the hard facts
  • Please ask (for example via Xing) a graduation report from graduates of the relevant universities
  • Assess the advantages and disadvantages of the universities in the narrow selection
  • Decide and carry out your studies with ambition and commitment. In the end, that counts more than the name of the university.

We hope to have helped you with our small ranking overview.

Rank School Website
2 London Business School
5 Rotterdam
6 Empresa
7 Said, Oxford
8 Manchester
9 SDA Bocconi
10 Warwick
11 Cranfield
12 Edinburgh Uni
13 HEC
14 University College, Dublin
17 Imperial
18 IEP
19 Theseus
20 Nijenrode
21 City
22 Ashridge
23 Nottingham
24 Strathclyde
25 Bradford
27 Leeds Uni
28 Lancaster Http://
30 EM Lyon
31 Bath
32 Trinity College, Dublin
33 Norwegian School of Management
European MBA Rankings