Fashion for Pregnant Women: Drew Barrymore and Her Maternal Clothes

The adorable and loose look

Maternal Clothes

Drew Barrymore pregnancy began as the of all the famous pregnant: with rumors. The confirmation came in mid-November, when he already walked for three months of pregnancy. Shortly after it announced the sex of her baby (a girl).


The first look of pregnant that looked at a fashion event was this white dress, the news still hidden under her baggy outfit. According to our calculations, Barrymore was here more than one month of pregnancy.


Lovely, casual and comfortable are the three characteristics that best describe the selections of Drew Barrymore fashion throughout his career, and this dress is the perfect example. The tone and embroidery show is not one dress either. his waist high and elastic-waisted make it be comfortable, without having to watch his posture during photography sessions. To give a more elegant touch, the actress completed her outfit with a simple black short jacket and a golden brooch, but could easily see it this dress with sandals or any more comfortable shoe until mid-pregnancy.


The discreet black dress


During his appearance at the Gala of the New York Ballet, Drew Barrymore wore this set of black petticoat and blouse designed by Chanel. She has never been the type of woman who wears tight and revealing clothes, but this time opted for modesty and semi formal elegance. It is a look simple and similar to the pregnant Adele, that you can easily replicate without the help of Chanel or famous designers.


The skirt has pleats and fringes of translucent material, but in black really is little noticed the difference of fabrics. Bodice has lace at the shoulders and sleeves, and falling loose over and above the waist.


Will she be pregnant?


Dresses like this began rumors of pregnancy of Drew Barrymore. The occasion was the Gala for the Museum of art of the County of Los Angeles, sponsored by Gucci. While most of the stars wore long robes, tailored to the body, with embroidery and fine details designed by the host, Drew Barrymore broke the trend with this billowy gown. At that time some fashion critics reproached the look of Barrymore, saying hiding her figure and needed at least one girdle, but soon realized the reason after the surplus of fabric.


Perhaps more complicated than appears to replicate this dress, but think in pashminas, shawls and ponchos like the option more affordable and practical if you want to elevate your look pregnant.


Dresses for pregnant women: traditional look


Shortly after the announcement of her pregnancy, Drew Barrymore let her tummy released. This was his first appearance as a pregnant officer, during an event that was awarded by the help provided to needy mothers.


I must admit that of all his clothes, even the most criticized by dressmakers, this is the worst I would say. While his style is coy and loose, this is seems to me to the maternal grandmothers used.


However, that is only my opinion. I must also give credit as a maternity dress, and his unexpected touch is back, with a collar that falls open to mid-back.


Skirts for pregnant women


Pregnancy dresses usually have high or low, waistlines as to mark a silhouette that no longer exists or highlight the size of the belly. Waist in place is a curiously strange concept, but this Drew Barrymore look shows that Yes it can be done and even looks good with the help of this maternity shop. The point against, if you wanted to see it, is that of brake dress makes her look wider everywhere, but pregnancy is not the time to try to look thin.


If you try a dress for pregnant as Drew Barrymore, make sure the skirt is subject to the blouse, otherwise the elastic could roll down.


Dresses in layers


For his presentation at the Golden Globes Awards, Drew Barrymore did not go unnoticed. Perhaps that put flowers to your outfits is not yours, but this dress I would rescue the possibility of dressing in layers. The attire of the actress has a translucent top tunic over a simple white robe. This concept can also apply to your blouses, and use them with the open buttons and a cami straps below.


As critics of fashion, the look of Barrymore wasn’t very liked, and just thought our readers in the survey which pregnant dress you like most?


The little black dress for pregnant women

Every woman has in her closet that “black dress”; This versatile outfit that you out of troubles and looks good for casual wear or formal occasions. Pregnancy should not be an exception; in fact, that is one of the essential in the closet of the pregnant woman.