At least 11,500 years ago people lived in the area now called Delaware. It is believed that they came from Asia over a land bridge, which is now under water. Thousands of years later, Native American tribes lived on this land, including the Lennie Lenape and the Nanticoke. Historians believe that the first European to arrive in Europe was the English explorer Henry Hudson, who reached the bay and the river in 1609. During the 1600s, Dutch, English and Swedish colonists settled on the land. These Europeans fought over the land, and in 1674 the British officially regained control of the area. But in 1776, Delaware declared its independence from England, one of the actions that would lead to the Revolutionary War. After the United States won the war, Delaware became a US state in 1787.

Geography of Delaware

When the Civil War began in 1861, Delaware was a state where slavery was legal. But the vast majority of his troops fought for the Union, which was a group of northern states that fought to keep those states. (Allied side also generally wanted to abolish slavery, while the southern states wanted to keep the practice.) In 1865, the Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution declared all slaves in the United States, including Delaware, to be free people. In 1610, explorer Samuel Argal named the bay and river after Virginia Governor Lord de la Warr – Delaware! Delaware was the first state to ratify or sign the US Constitution. So his nickname is the First State.

Geography of Delaware

According to, Delaware is located on the east coast of a peninsula called Delmarva. It is bordered by Pennsylvania in the north; the Delaware River, Delaware Bay, New Jersey, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east; and Maryland to the south and west. The state generally slopes down from the hilly Piedmont region, which spans the northern edge of the state. The rest of Delaware is covered by the low Atlantic Coastal Plain, which contains three state forests: Blackbird, Taber, and Redden. There are sandy beaches along the eastern coastline, and on the southern border of the state, the plain turns into a swamp.

Wildlife of Delaware

Gray foxes, American beavers, white-tailed deer, and river otters are among the mammals of Delaware. Bird watchers could spot bald eagles, peregrine falcons, eastern bluebirds and downy woodpeckers. The state’s amphibians include barking tree frogs, choir frogs, and tiger salamanders. Reptiles such as snapping turtles and oriental snakes can also be found here. Common trees include maple, birch, oak, pine, and American holly (the state tree). Wildflowers grow throughout the state, including sweet goldenrod (a state grass), bulbous ranunculus, American tiger lily, and crescent thread (a flower with five heart-shaped petals).


Population: 25,400 thousand people (2000)
Time zone: UTC-5, summer UTC-4
Altitude: 1 m
Zip code: 33040, 33041, 33045

Key West is a city on an island in the Florida Keys, an archipelago of coral reefs and over 1,500 islands. It is the southernmost continental city in the United States. This city is known to fans of club life. Hemingway lived here for a long time, and to this day his museum is one of the most important attractions of the island. See Delaware cities.

This small island has a rich history. European colonists came here in the 16th century. For several centuries the island was a Spanish colony, and in the first half of the nineteenth century it was bought by the Americans.

In the first half of the twentieth century, a 248-kilometer-long maritime railroad operated from the Florida peninsula. The island has its own airport, from where it is only an hour flight to Miami. On the main street leading to the pier, the main part of restaurants and hotels is based.

Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the climate of the island is warm and mild. There is a special color and a cozy atmosphere. Many old buildings of the nineteenth century have been preserved. Key West is a popular resort. Ocean liners often come here. Celebrities often hang out here.

Driving to the mainland will take quite a long time, but it will bring great aesthetic pleasure from contemplating the landscape. The path consists of one hundred and seventy kilometers of bridges connecting the islands.

The climate of the island is typically divided into two seasons. The relatively dry season lasts from November to April, while rain is not uncommon in the remaining months. Mostly showers and rains come in the early morning from May to October. There are no frosts at all in this city.


Population: 108.600 thousand people (2005)
Area: 97.7 sq. km
Founded: 1891
Time zone: UTC-5, summer UTC-4
Nearest airport: St. Petersburg

Clearwater is an active coastal city with world-class amenities for tourists. The name of the area is translated as clear water, and due to the fact that there were many streams here.

In 2015, the City of Clearwater turns 100 years old. It is located on the stunning west coast of Florida. Crystal clear sand beaches stretch for miles. The crystal clear waters of the bay and the calm breeze make the city ideal for summer holidays. This is a great place to watch dolphins.

Clearwater is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for the number of sunny days. Therefore, the weather is almost always good here, which makes the city especially valuable for beach lovers. The city is the spiritual center for the Church of Scientology. Clearwater has a rich history and was the scene of the American Civil War.

During World War II, the city was a training base for American troops. In recent years, there has been a massive redevelopment in the center, and many large piers, high-rise buildings, new hotels, restaurants and shops have appeared in the center.

The most popular part of the city – the coastline of Clearwater Beach – is deservedly recognized as one of the best on the entire east coast. Clearwater attracts more and more tourists every year with its unique combination of laid-back lifestyle, luxurious beaches and comfortable hotels. Over a million visitors a year go there to enjoy shopping, the beach, fishing and other activities.

The city has a theater for lovers of cultural leisure and a natural park where you can stroll while enjoying the freshest air. The famous library is located here, in the funds of which many rare publications are kept.

Geography of Delaware
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