Happy Mobile Adds Free Minutes between Clients in The Speaking and Navigate to 1 and 1.5 GB

Although increasingly are more the rates that include a large number of minutes in calls or who promise unlimited national calls still are many people just use our phone to call and seek a good price per minute.

Y Happy Mobile already had one of the lowest prices per minute by minute, 0.8 cents, but now adds a new benefit included in the happy fare, the ability to call other customers of the virtual pay only the call set-up 15 cents.

From morning customers with rates will have talks, sail and speaks and navigate Plus can call to zero cents per minute to other mobile Happy customers the first 10 minutes of each call, paying 0.8 cents per minute past this initial stretch.

With this improvement Happy mobile introduces a advantage that other rates below a penny does not have, Although the overall price of this is 0.6 cents as the rat and Pepephone Mastodon, but we also find two rates that offer calls to zero cents to any destination, of the zero of Másmovil, which limited that price to five minutes per call, and the zero Movistar, which requires a stay of 18 months.