Iphone Shortage List: Even Older Models With Wi-Fi Problems

Update (1.10.2012): Wi-fi problems accumulating

winfuture reported, the wi-fi problems with apple customers, there is growing. Complained first iphone 5 users on a bad data transfer rate (see below), now more and more owners of older gerräte in the apple forum sign up. Neither single nor turn off the wi-fi function, since the corresponding function is greyed out. Affected are therefore not only iphone but also ipod touch, and ipad models. Apparently, the update on ios 6 is the reason for the problems. Shows you so far stumped at apple, offers customers but a replacement of the affected devices to.

Test: Iphone 5 all info and pictures

Sensitive housing

on september 21 the people faced worldwide snake apple stores, to get an iphone 5. Disillusionment follows after the initial euphoria now but many customers. Their smartphones have initial quirks and shortcomings. So users packed out models with scratched back on launch day and complained that apple’s support forum. The COMPUTER image test confirmed that when the black model already after a short time, such as storing in tight pants pockets with change can loosen the upper aluminum layer on the housing edges. That was reproduced on several black models and eventually led to a devaluation to 0.1. In the white version, the signs of wear not as fall.

Poor wi-fi connection

More customers complained according to ars technica about the poor wi-fi reception of the iphone 5. So the data rate as when synchronizing with itunes is much lower than with other ios devices in the household. A user from the apple forum then contacted the applecare service. The competent employee assured that it knows about the problem and working on a solution. As a trigger, you suspect a software bug. Having difficulties connecting to the wi-fi but not all iphone-5 customers, apple does not exclude a compatibility problem with some routers.

Iphone 5: Product photos and images from the test laboratory

49 images iphone 5: Tested, opened and photographed faulty display
negative noticed some customers also the display. So it happens occasionally that the LED-backlit display on the top of the front through a gap in the housing seems. According to BGR, the error but only in a very dark environment is visible. Users can also report that the problem occurs even when already exchanged models. More display error noticed techcrunch. A model was particularly vulnerable: On printing the screen at some points showed a bubble effect. Other displays flickering in operation from time to time very much and made a use in the meantime impossible.

(un) any suggestions: Is missing the iphone 5

Short battery life

A colleague from the editors gave the first hint: Evening fully charged, it was iphone 5 am, because the battery was completely empty. Research shows: This is not an isolated case. Apple-support forum complain many users over a far too short term. The devices in the COMPUTER screen test had at least a comparable endurance like its predecessor 4S despite LTE and larger display.

What klackert doing?

There is owner of, which noticed an unusual noise inside the housing. The cause of the rattling is apparently a battery not properly glued. On youtube there is a video that shows how you can solve the problem with printing on the iphone. Who is a genius appointment at the apple store, gets help with the stick there. Or replace the device.