The Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management at Rice University is a top-ranked business school located in Houston, Texas. It is one of the oldest business schools in the country and has been around since 1974. The school offers several MBA programs as well as specialized masters degrees in accounting, finance, energy, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, the school has a strong focus on research and teaching excellence with a faculty that is comprised of renowned scholars from around the world. Furthermore, the school provides students with access to an impressive alumni network and numerous resources to help them succeed in their professional pursuits. With its commitment to providing students with an excellent education and hands-on experience, Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management is an ideal place for anyone looking to advance their career in business. Check TOPMBADIRECTORY.COM for a full list of Missouri MBA colleges.

As one of the leading MBA programs in the United States, Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management offers the following concentrations towards an MBA degree. Please keep reading to see the major employers of MBA graduates of Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management. On the following screen, you will also see all materials required for MBA admissions application, including MBA essays, reference letters, TOEFL score, and application fee. By clicking the logo below, you can see detailed admissions statistics for Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management.

Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, E-commerce, Risk Management, Energy Financial Management


  • Enron
  • Dell
  • Compaq
  • Continental
  • Chase
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Deloitte Consulting
  • Reliant Energy
  • Intel
  • Campbell’s Soup


 3 required essays
 Interview (by invitation only)
 2 letters of recommendation
 1 official transcript from each institute
 Résumé
 GMAT (ETS code: 6609)
 $ 100 application fee

International applicants should also provide:

The Jones admissions department considers the following criteria the most important part of an application: essays, college GPA, letters of recommendation, and work experience. Extracurricular activities and leadership skills are also considered. An interview is strongly encouraged; the school plans to make interviews mandatory for all applicants and schedule them in conjunction with weekly information sessions. According to the school, “Each applicant receives a comprehensive evaluation due to the composition of our admissions committee, which includes two graduating MBA students, a recent alumnus or alumna, a tenured faculty member, and the admissions directors. We do not select or reject an applicant based solely on his or her academic record or GMAT score; instead we evaluate each applicant in the context of the entire application.” Decisions are made on a rolling basis with four major deadlines: December 1, January 15, March 1, and April 15.

1. Discuss your post-MBA career goals and how your work experience has influenced these goals. Include in your discussion: “Why an MBA at this time?” and “The industry or functional area you plan to pursue at the completion of your MBA.” (2 pages)
2. Describe your greatest accomplishment and why it is important to you and, conversely, your greatest disappointment and what you learned from that experience. (1.5 pages)
3. Describe your most significant leadership experience. (1 page)
4. (Optional) Is there anything else that you would like the Admissions Committee to know about you ? (1 page)

Address: 6100 South Main Street, Houston, TX 77005-1892
E-Mail: [email protected] Web site: Phone: 713-527-4918
Fax: 713-737-6147

Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management