JVC HA-SR500, Headphones to Congestion Reduced

The packaging of the JVC-HA-SR500 is reduced to the headset it even and… nothing else, no cover, adapter Jack or detachable cable.

Out of the not very practical packaging to open (I ended up tearing everything) the JVC unveils its frame entirely made of plastic out of the foam and the leatherette of the Atria and 2 cushions located on the arch to soften the contact with the skull. The JVC is a headphones closed Supra-Aural of lightness (120 g) and captive cable includes a remote control and a microphone for call pickup. Once is not custom, JVC has had the excellent idea to offer a compatible not only with smartphones Appleremote, but also Blackberry and Android, it’s fairly uncommon to deserve to be emphasized, especially in this price range. The other feature of the HA-SR500 is to offer several ways to fold, for a footprint really minimal. The port is rather nice, the clamp is closed but not at all excessive, good omen for long listening.

Always accompanied by my Cowon J3, I run the test with the “Deblozay” of Belo song on the compilation “New Scene Creole”. Pleasant surprise, computerdo finds that the JVC sounds much better than a little lightweight design, the grave is predominant, certainly, and high frequencies a bit behind, but nothing serious, it’s still very musical. For a helmet below the € 50, he made better defend themselves. The rendering is oriented physiologicalwhile maintaining agood overall balance. This feeling is confirmed on the title Reggae – recorded in high definition – Dub Colossus, “Dub in a time Of Cholera”, the grave is round, a little too even, and this goes well with this type of music to the bass very present. The medium high is more said might have been feared, and the little restriction on the treble is at all felt here.

On the compil Electro Cypher, the return of the piece “One other Dimension” of Al-Kheyma sounds very credible, with the punch and energy. No need to push the volume to feel the impacts. We don’t have the power of a headphone, Beats Audio, but at this price the JVC is far from making the numbers and display a value for money very interesting. It appears less comfortable with the “If Señor” of Gloria Estefan, on which it is slowing down at the level of the dynamics. Ditto on the “I Will Survive”, all there is, but a little shortened upward, and missing PEPs. The JVC is obviously more suited to music “modern” Jazz or classical music.

On the balance sheet, the JVC HA-SR500 turns out much better its somewhat austere design foreshadowed. It will be clear for lovers ofElectro, Rock or Rap, types of music on which it will flourish. In addition to its particularly reduced size, it offers good insulation and comfort of use. The compatibility of its remote control with Android, Apple and Blackberry products is also a significant product. A small bag of transport and more would have been welcome.