The Katz Graduate School of Business is part of the University of Pittsburgh and offers multiple programs to students. The school is renowned for its world-class faculty, comprehensive curriculum and strong emphasis on experiential learning. Students can choose from a variety of degree options, including the full-time MBA, Executive MBA, Online MBA and Master of Science in Business Analytics. There are also several specialized certificates available that focus on areas such as finance, marketing and accounting. Katz also offers summer courses to help students gain an advantage in their professional careers. The school has a strong network of alumni who provide mentorship and support to current students as they pursue their educational goals. Check TOPMBADIRECTORY.COM for a full list of Nebraska MBA colleges.

As one of the leading MBA programs in the United States, Katz Graduate School of Business offers the following concentrations towards an MBA degree. Please keep reading to see the major employers of MBA graduates of Katz Graduate School of Business. On the following screen, you will also see all materials required for MBA admissions application, including MBA essays, reference letters, TOEFL score, and application fee. By clicking the logo below, you can see detailed admissions statistics for Katz Graduate School of Business.

Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, Strategy, Information Systems, Accounting, Marketing of Engineered Products, MS in MIS, Process Management and Integration, Strategies for New Markets Valuation


  • Ford Motor Company
  • Freemarkets
  • IBM
  • Heinz USA
  • Deloitte Consulting
  • PNC Bank
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Arthur Andersen
  • Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • KLA-Tencor


 2 required essays
 Interview (highly recommended)
 2 letters of recommendation
 1 official transcript from each institute
 GMAT (ETS code: 2927)
 Résumé
 $ 50 application fee

International applicants should also provide:

Katz first considers your work experience and then, in descending order, GMAT score (TOEFL for international students.), college GPA, essays, interview, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular activities. According to the school, “Quantitative information is important, but a student’s work background and experiences through their college years can be as important as actual performance numbers on the GMAT or academic record.” Minorities, international, and handicapped students are given special consideration. Each application is individually considered, then evaluated in groups of 100 or more.

The primary source of financial assistance at Katz School is tuition scholarships, which are awarded in various dollar amounts and applied against tuition charges. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit and are available to full-time U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents and International students. Applicants unable to assume the full cost of their graduate education are encouraged to seriously consider borrowing against their future earning capacity through loan programs. Domestic graduate students may be eligible for a maximum of $18,500 per academic year under the Federal Stafford Loan program ($8,500 in subsidized funds, and $10,000 in unsubsidized funds). In addition, The MBA Loans program and The Access Group loan program offer additional borrowing capacity beyond the $18,500 permitted under the Stafford Loan program.

1. Discuss your specific career goals, both short- and long-term. Given your work experience and goals, how do you think an MBA will add to your professional and personal development? (2-3 pages)
2. Explain your specific reasons for wanting to pursue and MBA at the Katz School at the University of Pittsburgh. Describe what qualities you possess, responsibilities you have had, or experiences you have gained through your employment, extracurricular involvement, and community activities that will enable you to make a meaningful contribution to the MBA class.
3. (Optional) If there is specific background information that has not yet been addressed and should be considered for your application review, please use this essay to elaborate. If you are not currently employed nor enrolled in an academic program, please describe fully your present circumstances and include a description of any activities in which you are involved.

Address: Katz Graduate School of Business, 276 Mervis Hall, Pittsburgh, PA 15260
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Katz Graduate School of Business