The Kellogg Graduate School of Management is one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. Located on Northwestern University’s Evanston, Illinois campus, the school is consistently ranked among the top programs in the US and globally. The school offers an MBA program as well as specialized master’s degrees in finance, accounting, management & strategy, marketing and operations. In addition to these programs, Kellogg also offers several executive education programs for experienced professionals. The school has a strong emphasis on experiential learning with students having access to a variety of internships and other opportunities. With strong alumni networks around the globe, Kellogg graduates are well-positioned for successful careers in business and management. The faculty includes some of the most accomplished leaders in their fields who are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience to their students. Check TOPMBADIRECTORY.COM for a full list of New Hampshire MBA colleges.

As one of the leading MBA programs in the United States, Kellogg Graduate School of Management offers the following concentrations towards an MBA degree. Please keep reading to see the major employers of MBA graduates of Kellogg Graduate School of Management. On the following screen, you will also see all materials required for MBA admissions application, including MBA essays, reference letters, TOEFL score, and application fee. By clicking the logo below, you can see detailed admissions statistics for Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

For the questions about your motivation for Kellogg, I indicate below the three principal characteristics of Kellogg. Each student must adapt the strong points of the school to suit his personal and professional aspirations.
1) Emphasis on teamwork
 Group work dominates studying, classwork and social life. The team-group concept was pioneered at Kellogg
2) Quality of curriculum: balanced, innovative and flexible
 A well-rounded management education (rank # 2 in General Management in Business Week)
 A highly-rated program in Marketing and Finance
 A focus on e-commerce and technology (new Major in E-Commerce, Digital Frontier Conference…)
 Curriculum flexibility (possibility to waive some courses and over 160 electives to choose from)
3) Kellogg social life
 A good balance between work and social activities. This is the cornerstone of Kellogg’s culture: “This is a school for people who like people. Backstabbing is not tolerated. Kellogg develops leaders who have the simultaneous ability of being team members.”

Accounting Information and Management, Decision Sciences, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Finance, Analytical Finance, Health Services Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Management and Organizations, Management and Strategy, Managerial Economics, Marketing, Media Management, Operations, Public and Nonprofit Management, Technology and E-commerce

A.T. Kearney, Bain and Company, Booz Allen & Hamilton, Boston Consulting Group, Goldman Sachs & Co., Hewlett Packard, Lehman Brothers, McKinsey & Company, Mercer Management Consulting, Siebel Systems


 6 required essays
 Interview (required for every applicant)
 1 letters of recommendation
 1 official transcript from each institute
 GMAT (ETS code: 1565)
 Résumé
 $ 185 application fee

International applicants should also provide:

In assessing an application, the Admissions Committee evaluates the individual’s scholastic ability, personal character, motivation, leadership ability, interpersonal skills, career performance and management potential. The Committee, numbering 50 students, staff and faculty, carefully appraises the following:

  • an applicant’s academic transcripts, performance on the Graduate Management Admissions Test and the quantitative aspects of an applicant’s work experience
  • a Career Progress Survey report from someone able to evaluate your job performance, preferably your manager
  • the evaluative interview report
  • the range and depth of work experience
  • collegiate extracurricular activities and current community involvement

The Kellogg admissions process is a multi-step, team approach. Typically, a file will be reviewed first by a student member of the Admissions Committee, and then forwarded for additional review by staff members, including the Director of Admissions. If there is a lack of consensus among the readers, the application will be evaluated a fourth time by a student reader. The readers then meet to make a final decision by consensus.

The estimated total costs for the 2002-2003 academic year, including tuition, books and materials, computer equipment and living expenses, will be $55,263 for Two-Year students; tuition is $32,040. For a student in the One-Year program, total costs are estimated to be $71,445; tuition is $42,125. Kellogg is committed to enrolling the best qualified students, regardless of ability to pay. The school awards institutional grants and corporate-sponsored scholarship assistance in addition to long-term, low-interest loans. Kellogg students may finance 100 percent of their calculated financial need. More than half of the Kellogg student body receives financial aid. Detailed information is included in the “Application for Full-Time Programs.”

1. All applicants must complete A, B or C as appropriate. Please number your essay responses.
A. MBA applicants only. Briefly assess your career progress to date. Elaborate on your future career plans and your motivation for pursuing a graduate degree at Kellogg. (1-2 pages)
B. MMM applicants only. Briefly assess your career progress to date. How does the MMM program meet your educational needs and career goals? (1-2 pages)
C. Joint-degree applicants only. Briefly assess your career progress to date. How does the joint program meet your educational needs and career goals? (1-2 pages)
2. Each of our applicants is unique. Describe how your background, values and non-work-related activities will enhance the experiences of other Kellogg students. (1-2 pages)
3. You have been selected as a member of the Kellogg Admissions Committee. Please provide a brief evaluative assessment of your file. (1-2 pages)
4. Complete three of the following six questions or statements. (2-3 paragraphs each)
A. Through the course of your life, what would you identify as your most valued accomplishment?
B. Outside of work I enjoy…
C. The best mistake I ever made was…
D. People may be surprised when they learn that I…
E. What personal qualities would you like to develop to become a more effective leader?
F. I wish the Admissions Committee had asked me…

Address: Leverone Hall, 2001 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60208-2001
E-Mail: [email protected] Web site: Phone: 847-491-3300
Fax: 847-491-4960

Kellogg Graduate School of Management