Kindle Paperwhite Problems: Amazon Rows Back

Update (16.10.2012): technical deficits 

The company draws attention to the US side from amazon on technical limitations of the kindle paperwhite. For example, users of the latest ebook reader store only 1,100 digital books because the memory to two gigabytes is limited. Also, the audio output, making the text-to-speech function is not on board is missing the device.

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Backlight also to critical reports to the uneven background illumination of the display takes the company position. So, amazon admits that the illumination is not perfectly working at the bottom of the screen. The error was not so serious, because only the page number, and no text is in the area concerned.

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Ebook reader: Kindle paperwhite

A lit ebook reader is the kindle paperwhite. It offers sharper contrasts as the classic kindle 62 percent more pixels (212 ppi) and 25 per cent. Who could have had a look at the display, was most enthusiastic. The integrated lighting glowlight now allows reading in all lighting conditions and removed as a main point of criticism. Amazon promises a battery life of up to eight weeks. However, the company makes about no details the conditions under which they can be reached. In daylight, the lighting switches off automatically.

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13 kindle details all current amazon kindle devices at a glance availability and rates
prices start from 129 euros. The top model with wi-fi and 3 G costs 189 euros. The 3G-mobilfunkverbindung is already included in the price, eliminating the search for a wi-fi hotspot. The kindle paperwhite can already be pre-ordered, shipping will run from november 22. Amazon, however, indicates that, due to the strong demand, the delivery of new incoming orders is delayed until early december.

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