Luxury natural cosmetics: “And Gretel” from Berlin

You’ve got the look! Star make-up artist Christina Roth (left) and marketing expert Stephanie Dettmann have developed a super luxury natural cosmetics line with “And Gretel”.

The exclusive Natural cosmetics label “And Gretel” stands for conquering the world: “And Gretel” produces the first make-up products, which can compete with all major luxury brands – and are nevertheless completely free of chemicals.

The times when natural cosmetics sprayed the sex appeal of self-knitted socks are past. The Berlin label “And Gretel” has found a way to combine decorative natural cosmetics with luxurious design and perfect handling.

Luxury Natural Cosmetics Also for Professionals: “And Gretel”, Berlin

Behind “And Gretel” are the internationally successful make-up artist Christina Roth and marketing expert Stephanie Dettmann. For many years, the two women have worked on their products, tested colors and compositions again and again – always with the aim of creating a luxury cosmetic line based exclusively on natural ingredients.

In addition “And Gretel” should work in the private as well as professional beauty area. A novelty in decorative natural cosmetics.

Complete Without Chemicals

The result is impressive. In contrast to other manufacturers of natural cosmetics “And Gretel” also has the style. The charming design does not need to hide from Chanel, Dior and Co.. The products themselves impress with fine textures, long lasting and strong colors, which until now have only been achieved by synthetic additives.

With passion and stubborn meticulousness, “And Gretel” has succeeded in giving up everything that is somehow poisonous or harmful: artificial preservatives, chemical additives and animal experiments are taboo. Instead, the Berlin label relies on valuable, ethically produced and BDHI-certified ingredients from nature.

“And Gretel” on Success

“And Gretel” hits the nerve of our time. The need for sustainable, nature-based luxury products is growing especially in the area of ​​beauty and care. The two “And Gretel” founders believe that natural cosmetics “has nothing to do with renunciation and compromise.” Anyone who tries their products knows they are right – and perhaps bring about a small revolution. Courage and perseverance have already been proven by Christina Roth and Stephanie Dettmann.

Luxury Natural Cosmetics: High end Stores and Online Store

According to health-beauty-guides, the range includes Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Modeling Powder, Eye shadow, Eyelash, Eyebrow, Kajal, Eye-Stick and Lipstick.

“And Gretel” is available in selected high-end stores, including Andreas Murkudis, Berlin and Jacks Beauty Department, Munich as well as the online shop of the label.