As one of the leading MBA programs in the United States, Marriott School offers the following concentrations towards an MBA degree. Please keep reading to see the major employers of MBA graduates of Marriott School. On the following screen, you will also see all materials required for MBA admissions application, including MBA essays, reference letters, TOEFL score, and application fee. By clicking the logo below, you can see detailed admissions statistics for Marriott School.

Finance, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Information Systems / Techno-MBA, Entrepreneurship, International Business

1. Intel
2. Honeywell
3. Ford Motor
4. Deloitte & Touche
5. Iomega
6. NorthSky Inc
7. Payless
8. Hewlett Packard
9. Dell Computers
10. Proctor & Gamble


 3 required essays
 Interview
 3 letters of recommendation
 2 official transcript from each institute
 GMAT (ETS code: 4019)
 Résumé
 $ 50 application fee

International applicants should also provide:

According to the admissions office, your GMAT score is considered most important. after that, in descending order, your college GPA, letter of intent, letters of recommendation, language spoken, work experience, and leadership activities are considered. Writes the school, “Though we look carefully at GMAT and GPA qualifications, we also look at the person behind the numbers. the letter of intent and letters of recommendation are valuable resources in getting acquainted with the person. Because of the international emphasis in our MBA program, we look favorably at applicants who speak a second and third language. As a result we encourage any undergraduate major except business, and we also encourage some work experience.”

The MBA Program Admissions Committee considers numerous factors when evaluating an applicant’s qualifications for admission. Key qualities such as past academic performance, analytical reasoning capabilities, and full-time work experience are reflected in information required by other sections of this application. In addition, the committee has found that three other qualities bear heavily on a candidate’s ability to contribute to the MBA program and to experience long-term professional success. Those qualities are the subjects of the following three essay questions. Limit answers to one single-spaced, typewritten page per essay question.
1. State your professional goals for the first ten years after graduation from the MBA program. Describe how you arrived at these near-term professional goals and how an MBA degree, combined with past personal, academic, and work experiences, will help you achieve your goals.
2. Describe a situation in which you had significant responsibility for the management of other people, financial resources, or valuable intangible assets such as a business customer relationship. Discuss the things you learned from that management experience.
3. Because the Marriott School MBA program receives substantial financial support from the tithes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the faculty and administration are committed to advancing the mission of the Church as we operate a nationally recognized MBA program. Thus, the goals of the MBA program include the melding of spiritual and secular truths in your studies, as well as sharing the benefits of your education with people throughout the world. Please describe ways that the program might realize these goals and what role you might play in those efforts.

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