Massimo Dutti: June Lookbook Loaded with Tones of Blue and Denim

Two clear trends for the spring/summer season have been more than reflected in the Massimo Dutti lookbook for the month of June: the Denim and the presence of the blue in her outfits. While the first is more innovative and timeless, that will see bluer as we enter the summer period is something that is not surprising to anyone and that is repeated to a greater or lesser extent every year. Perhaps the difference with the previous is that for 2011, the aquamarine and the turquoise charged special prominence if combined with tones more electric as happened to signatures as Prada or Gucci. But I regret to say that this is not the case of Massimo Dutti.

Perhaps one of the drawbacks of this month, seeing the previous months lookbooks always had the possibility of one much more risky color injection and a colour palette that gamble by the side. But if in the month of June, which is the prelude to the summer, they have not appeared not even head in their collections, little remains to wait. Let’s take a look a month completely.

The presence of the blue we must highlight the efforts which have been put by build whole looks in lathe to them taking advantage of their patterns and getting each of them acquires a its own personality within the same group of tones to distinguish itself from the rest.

On the one hand we find looks in which is played with the presence of muted blue and pulling toward dark and that the Paisley present in their scarves & #8230;

…or pictures presented on their shirts have become the distinctive element of the collection and the Trump of the set for achieving a coherent structure. In general, the Accessories they have become more important in this new installment.

The bicromaticos sets that exploit the essence Ibiza they are one of the strong season, not to be very aided outfits (which usually are) but because it translates into a perfect medium of expression for the collection shoes this month made up mostly by nautical and moccasins tassels in nude tones and dark (Bordeaux and añiles)

As well as the raffia hats and the borsalinos…

… or collection of Watch He wanted to give a boost in the summer (no common strategy, because it is not an article that enhances this time and prefers to do in the months prior to Christmas) and where we are Maxi chrome and steel spheres smooth designs or in leather.

The Blazer and the Blazer they prefer contrast over the whole and make it in linen or either point. Special mention to clothing style safari as the Saharan that, usually in earthy colors, you stand out with the ceruleos pants skinny and white linen shirts to perfection by introducing new and loaded with trend throughout the ideas.

The darker tones are reserved as it is logical for the meetings and celebrations at night, with necks tab, open, cut simple and ideal to support the rest of garments.

Besides that, the Denim Special mention and not in relation to pants that is rather weak, but rather towards the section of shirts where is one of the great common still. It opts for a washed Denim, much more plain and uniform to which we have seen in other collections and without pockets of plastran or eye-catching button closures. In fact by far well could happen by dyed linen rather than fashion Denim.

A collection that remains unfinished contribute if alone the quintessence of a good capsule but as fill the rest of collections It may be an option to take into account if we want some basic summer in particular, especially if we opt for the more classic looks in which blue is our main ally.