Population: 7.855 thousand people (2010)
Area: 26.5 sq. km
Founded: 1787
City status since: 1895
Time zone: UTC-5, summer UTC-4
Altitude: 180 m
Zip code: 056**

Montpelier, the capital of Vermont, is the smallest of the state capitals in the United States. It is located in central Vermont, stretching along the Winooski River. Montpelier lies in the hills at the foothills of the Green Mountains. The town is so small that it does not have its own airport. The nearest one is located in the largest city of Vermont, Burlington, 20 kilometers from Montpelier. See Vermont cities.

The settlement was founded by settlers from Massachusetts in 1781 and named after the French city of Montpellier in honor of the French who supported the American provinces in the American Revolutionary War. Since 1805, the legislature of Vermont was transferred to Montpelier and the town became the state capital.

According to itypetravel.com, the public sector and education – these areas are the main employers of Montpelier. More than 95% of the population are “white”, and the crime rate in the city is 2.5 times lower than in the whole country. The business district of the city with the city hall and several old buildings, as well as the Vermont Capitol are the main attractions of Montpelier. The picturesque surroundings of the city are great for walking and outdoor recreation.

Montpelier, Vermont

Montpelier, Vermont
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