National University of La Plata. An educational institution with more than a century of experience, it continues to be a pioneer in advanced cultural, artistic and scientific studies and developments. This has given it the prestige that places it among the main ones in the country, the American continent and the world.


Founded in 1905 by Dr. Joaquín Víctor González, it arises from the confluence of two fundamental concepts. On the one hand, the traditional interpretation of the term “University”, as a natural field of knowledge. On the other hand, the updated idea of ​​experimental, social and artistic scientific knowledge in its different expressions.

Institution data

Building location

The Presidency Building, headquarters of this house of higher education, is located in the heart of the city of La Plata, on Avenida 7 nº 776, Buenos Aires.

Basic pillars of the university

Teaching, research and extension make up the basic pillars of this University. It currently has 17 faculties, where 110,000 undergraduate students study.

In recent years, an average enrollment of close to 23,000 applicants has been recorded, of which 18,500 effectively enter. About 5,900 students graduate annually from its classrooms.

Academic Offer

The academic offer of the UNLP includes:

  • 111 degree courses -157 titles
  • 170 postgraduate (85% are accredited or in process, by the National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation -CONEAU-)
  • 500 postgraduate courses. Between careers and courses, it receives some 22,000 postgraduate students. It also has 90 free chairs dependent on the Presidency, which are added to the many that work in the Faculties.


The academic offer includes five Pre-University Colleges with an enrollment of close to 5,000 students.

The UNLP workforce is made up of some 12,000 graduate and undergraduate teachers, and 3,000 non-teachers.

Institutes and centers

The University also has 154 Research and Development Institutes, Centers and Laboratories where some 6,000 researchers work.

  • Museum of Natural Sciences (and a network of 12 thematic museums)
  • astronomical Observatory
  • Planetary
  • Public Library (and a network of 21 libraries)
  • Publisher, an AM-FM Radio
  • Institute of Physical Education with a Sports Field and four branches of the University Dining Room.
  • University hostel located at 61 and 127, Berisso, where 70 students from the interior of the country are currently housed, which has a medical, nutritional and psychological office.

University International Relations (URIU)

The National University of La Plata is one of the most prestigious centers in the national research and teaching system, which makes it an obligatory point of reference in the formation of the country’s university cultural heritage.

With breadth of knowledge, this university has contributed to the democratization and dissemination of knowledge to numerous generations of citizens of Argentina and Latin America. Representatives from various countries have passed through the classrooms of this House of Higher Studies, turning knowledge into the greatest tool for unifying and designing common destinations.

Working on strategies to strengthen this integration together with the articulation between institutions and resources implies guaranteeing shared and permanent international cooperation.

This unit poses the challenge of being the articulating instance of university international relations, implementing the accompaniment of projects and interuniversity agreements together with logistical and operational support in the various instances of relationship of the academic units.

The URIU is an open space where students, teachers, researchers and different people interested in the international area can consult cultural, administrative, academic and general information, both from the University and from abroad.

Faculties and colleges


  • Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism
  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Faculty of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences
  • Faculty of Astronomical and Geophysical Sciences
  • School of Economics
  • Faculty of Exact Sciences
  • Faculty of social and legal sciences
  • Faculty of Medical Sciences
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences and Museum
  • Faculty of Veterinary Sciences
  • Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences
  • Faculty of Informatics
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • School of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Journalism and Social Communication
  • Faculty of Psychology
  • Faculty of Social Work


  • School of Agriculture and Livestock María Cruz and Manuel L. Inchausti
  • “Joaquín V. González” Graduate School
  • Victor Merchant High School
  • National College “Rafael Hernandez”
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts “Prof. Francisco A. De Santo”

National University of La Plata (Argentina)

National University of La Plata (Argentina)
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