Navi-App Telmap M8 in the Test

The Navi-app M8 by Telmap shows that free apps can fully convince. Colourful, rich and amazingly precise M8 presents itself in the first test.

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The Israeli manufacturer of Telmap in this country hardly known. Although he was involved Рin the background on the Navilösungen of O2 and Vodafone with rather mixed success.

Since 2011 the software forge belongs to Intel, and that seems to give the products a boost: the brand new, free offboard navigation M8 for Android surprised in the test with a convincing performance.

Operation: Colorful and friendly

In the menus is colorful and friendly, especially on the special goals, Telmap attaches great importance – here there are recommendations from Yelp, there, TripAdvisor and the local, sorted visually in folders.

“Shop” button you can buy votes, traffic reports, and lightning detector – but does not have one. “Navigate” takes you directly to the destination entry, permanently without extra cost, except for the necessary data Flatrate.

As intermediate or access the phone book there is no sophisticated functions while, but the input of destination is, after all, directly linked to the voice control of the Smartphone.

Who wants to use it, can enter the address directly in a row and looking on the map – Europe alleged extra costs, was available in the test but completely free.

Maps and guidance: Accurate

The card itself is also colorful and nicely designed, and skims scrolls across the screen – that can be completely seen. Guidance voice sounds somewhat restrained, but mastered the pronunciation of street names text to speech.

Most notable: no single gross mistake well-being thanks to the cards used by TomTom M8 during the entire test course. The app is so completely.