Nokia N96 Test Telegram

Smartphone with TV
I have had these days the opportunity to hold the new Nokia N96 in the hand and give me a first impression. The Nokia N96 is the successor of the Nokia N95 and the Nokia N95 8GB .The excellent 5 megapixel camera has also been adopted as well as the Symbian S60 operating system, GPS, W-LAN and the very good and large display with QVGA (320 × 240 pixels) resolution. In addition, there was a DVB-H receiver, which currently does nothing in Germany because there is no such offer, and 16 GB of internal memory, which can be expanded with a Micro SD card. How is the first impression of Nokia?
The scope of delivery is very comprehensive for Nokia’s situation. There is also a data cable (CA-101), a video connection cable (CA-75U), a stereo in-ear headset (HS-45) with the Nokia N96, battery and charging cable Remote control (AD-54) and the DC-4 car charger.

+Very good camera
+Excellent multimedia features, but is an iPhone or an iPod touch still unmatched
+large, expandable memory
+integrated GPS and navigation “out of the box” with Nokia Maps
+operating system expandable with many (free or cheap) Apps and games, but unfortunately no App Store as with Apple
+copy and paste

-Very large and relative high weight, but adequate for the performance range – High gloss plastic, every fingerprint is visible
-Quality is not appropriate for such an expensive mobile phone
-Accumulator is very little according to the owner, after one day you definitely have to recharge

With Nokia, there is a quite worthy successor for the Nokia N95 (8GB), but lack of DVB-H reception is not a large quantum leap against the predecessor succeeded. If you already have a Nokia N95 is certainly not immediately accessible, but otherwise it is worth a recommendation, if equal sums in the quality/price ratio must be made.