Pebble Rounds the Corners of His New Smartwatch

Pebble seems to have learned from his mistakes and has unveiled a new smart watch, the Time Round on September 23. Its particularity? Like the Huawei watch and The Samsung Gear S2, the smartwatch features a dial round, much more elegant than the angular of its previous model.

Everything had been calculated to announce the product with great fanfare through a mysterious countdown on the site of the brand. Yes, but here, the surprise effect clearly fell in the water when an unfortunate ofAmazon blabbed two hours before the announcement. Just posted, immediately removed, information has however not escaped users watching the object mystery of Pebble. According to smartercomputing, the buzz is nevertheless successful on the new smart show.

A round dial, therefore, and according to the manufacturer, a lightness and a low thickness for the unsurpassed moment. Show lightweight weighs 28-grams and has a thickness of 7.5 mm. This small size not is is not made without sacrifice, Pebble has had to sacrifice his smartwatch autonomy. If previously the previous model could easily take a week or more without going through the box charging, Time Round will work only two days… However, to catch the blow, the charging of the device would be carried out in 15 minutes.

Price and Availability

Level compatibility, nothing changes, the owners of smartphones running on iOS and Android will be able to enjoy the shows. Time Round is now available for pre-order, starting at $ 249, on the website of Pebble. We have to wait until early 2016 to see the watch in stores in Europe.