According to, the island of Kos is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece. Kos belongs to the Dodecanese archipelago, located in southeastern Greece. You can see Turkey from the northeast of the island. This location ensures that Kos has a warm Mediterranean climate. This is reflected in the dry and warm summers, which last for months. Kos is therefore especially popular as a sun destination. Most tourists stay on or in the vicinity of the many beaches on the island.

In addition to its popularity as a beach destination, the island of Kos is also widely known as a bicycle island. The presence of many bicycle rental companies on the island and the fairly flat areas that you mainly find in the northern half of Kos make the island extremely suitable for exploring by bicycle. For the longer distances you can rent a car.

Top 10 Things to Do in Kos

#1. Kos Town

The largest city on the island of Kos is an attraction in itself. In the attractive center of Kos-City you will find, in addition to terraces and shops, a number of beautiful and interesting sights such as the Johanniter Castle, the Mandraki harbor with a real fish market on the northwest quay in the morning, the Agorá (market), the beautifully painted Agia Paraskevi- church and the governor’s palace. Kos Town is a must-see place when visiting Kos.

#2. Embros Therme

The thermal spring Embrós Thérme (also spelled Embrós-Thermae) is located on the southeastern coast of Kos, about a ten to fifteen minute drive from Kos Town. The almost fifty degrees warm spring water flows from the rocks into a basin of about 25 square meters, so that the water in the basin has a temperature of around forty degrees due to mixing with the seawater. The crowded thermal bath in which the sulfur smell is clearly present is said to have medicinal properties. Access to the bath is free, at the Embros Therme there are limited facilities (a shower, a toilet and a tavern).

#3. Bicycles

Kos is known as the cycling island of Greece. The range of rental bicycles is therefore enormous and especially in and around Kos-City you see tourists moving by bicycle. Because the area where Kos Town, Lambí and Tigáki are located is almost flat, you can cycle here with relatively little effort. If you want to visit mountain villages such as Zia and Pili, you have to take into account a steep climb where a strong condition is a requirement.

#4. Zia

Although tourism leaves a huge mark on Zia, the village of Ziá located in the Dikeos Mountains is still one of the sights on the island that you should not miss. If you want, you can buy all kinds of local products in the many shops or enjoy a delicious Greek meal on one of the terraces that the town has. From some places you have an enchanting view over parts of the island of Kos. According to many, you can experience the most beautiful sunset on the island here.

#5. Agios Stefanos Basilica

The ruins of the Agios Stefanos Basilica are located on an elevation on the beach of the Kambos Plain. The unique thing about these ruins is that they are part of the area where sunbathers enjoy the sea and beach. This provides a unique setting for bathers. In any case, it makes for great holiday photos. Admission to this special place is free.


In the west of Kos is the village of Kéfalos. Not the most beautiful or special place, but unlike the authentically bombed tourist villages in the Dikeos Mountains, you can see real Greek life here. Not something to walk through for hours, but if you are in the area you should definitely take a look here.

#7. A day in Bodrum

From the harbor of Kos Town you can sail to the popular Turkish resort of Bodrum in half an hour to an hour. Since Bodrum is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Turkey, this is an opportunity that you should not miss if you have the time. In addition to beautiful beaches, an attractive harbor and a wide range of terraces, Bodrum is very interesting for shopping. Here you can buy clothes and shoes at bargain prices. Just ask yourself if it’s all real what you’re buying.

#8. Limionas

The bay of Limionas (or Limnionas ) is a place that is not overrun by tourists, but which is mainly visited by locals. Limionas consists of two modest beaches (a pebble beach and a sandy beach), a mooring place for fishing boats and a restaurant where the best fresh fish is served to the guests every day.

#9. St. John’s Castle

In Kos Town are the remains of the Johannite Castle Neratzia, a fortress built by the Johanniter that dates from the fourteenth century. Its location east of the Mandraki harbor ensures that the castle is on the one hand a defining part of the appearance of central Kos Town, on the other hand the walls surrounding the castle give a fantastic view of the Mandraki harbor and Kos City.

#10. Old Pýli

The ghost village of Paléa Pýli (not to be confused with the larger current Pyli/Pili) consists mainly of ruins, because the village was completely deserted in the year 1830 due to a cholera epidemic. Within Oud-Pýli you will find the remains of four medieval churches, a Byzantine castle ruins on top of a rock and the spring pond.

Kos, Greece

Places to Visit in Kos, Greece
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