Product Review: Iphone Case Quadocta Ligni

A look outside the box…
Of course, if you look at Cyberport for a nice protective cover for your iPhone, you will definitely find it. There are for example the popular cases of Otterbox or those from Incipio. But now and then there are also products, which can be just about the manufacturer or a certain, restricted dealer network refer. This group also includes accessories providerQuadocta, which has significantly more specific protective covers for products from the company Apple in the program has. Especially, for example, the materials used: lamb nappa leather or wood covers for the smartphone can not be found on every street corner. I have acloser look at the Quadocta Ligni Case made of bamboo .

Looking at the market for protective covers for iPad, iPod and iPhone, the number of available products seems to be almost infinite. All the more elaborate are the ideas the manufacturers have in terms of design: the wooden Quadocta Ligni (lignum is also the wood in Latin) is a real sight. Especially the dark brown version with lighter stripes fits perfectly to the noble face of the iPhone 4.

However, one thinks about the production of a wooden case for a smartphone, it quickly becomes obvious that this can not be so easy: after all, the natural material can only be bent or formed to a certain extent, so that a phone can only be integrated into it. Consequently, the Quadocta ligni shell does not come as a whole, but is divided. If you want to safely pack your iPhone 4, push the top half of the phone, then the lower one. The lower side also has a kind of tab which should integrate the two pieces of wood better. This works quite well in practice, with a bit of game you have to count but unfortunately. So if you do it, you can move the two parts side by side by a few micrometers.

The impression does not detract from the whole thing: even after several weeks of use the cover still looks great, scratches are not to be seen. The iPhone 4 with the Quadocta Ligni has grown a lot in the hand, the recesses for the plug (headphone and dock connector) are lush enough and even a hole for the upper microphone of the iPhone 4 have the developer of the Wood cover. Due to the design, the wood naturally has a certain thickness, which makes the access to the external keys of the device a little more difficult. I got used to it quite quickly, one has very thick fingers, one could have with the achievement of the power knob and the volume control with mute switch but its problems. Another small drawback is the susceptibility to dust: Because the phone is not permanently freed from the pocket of the case, the latter collects itself in the recess before Kameralinse and Blitz. If you do not want to see dust spots in your photos, you should clean the place from time to time.

Otherwise, the Ligni case fulfills its task with bravura: it protects the iPhone 4 exceptionally stylish. In addition, the Apple device in the wooden dress even after weeks of use is still a real flatter. But the extravagance has its price: Unfortunately, some dust accumulates in front of the Kameralinse and the outer keys are not quite as easy to reach. The price of just under 40 euros is okay, the cover is in light and dark wood to have, with the Iuglans Quadocta also has another wooden cover in different wood types in the program.