Canada is in the fast lane as a study country. Be it for a short-term educational stay or for a complete degree in Canada – more and more young people are drawn to Canadian universities. In addition to the USA and China, Canada is one of the most popular destinations for students from Germany to study abroad outside of Europe. In fact, there are many reasons to study in Canada.

1. Top universities

The Canadian university landscape is diverse: whether it is a large research university or a college focused on teaching – everyone will find a suitable training facility here. As far as the quality of universities is concerned, Canada is in no way inferior to its neighboring country, the USA; on the contrary! Unlike there, the international students can be sure that they will receive a first-class education at both universities and colleges. So a good reason to study in Canada, a major country in North America listed on sourcemakeup. There is no uniform, national quality assurance, but the universities and their programs are checked for quality by the individual provincial governments.

2. Established and flexible study system in Canada

In terms of the study system, Canada is based on both Great Britain and the USA. It has always been divided into two stages, namely an undergraduate and a postgraduate area. While you get used to the Bachelor / Master system only slowly and gradually in Germany, it has long been established in Canada and the degrees are recognized worldwide. Above all, the flexibility of the study system speaks for itself and is one of the most important reasons for studying in Canada:

  • With so-called transfer programs at Canadian colleges, it is possible to study without a high school diploma.
  • Since the Bachelor’s degree in Canada is mostly a kind of Studium Generale, changing to a different subject in the Master’s degree is much easier in Canada than in Germany.
  • There is the possibility of acquiring the necessary previous knowledge via diplomas or certificates in order to be accepted into a certain master’s program.
  • The universities often offer both a research and a coursework variant for certain courses. Students can choose whether they want to concentrate more on practice or more on theory and research. In some cases, you can also combine between the two variants.

3. Special short-term study programs

Universities in Canada offer many short-term programs that are particularly appealing to foreign students and are a reason to study in Canada:

  • Semester abroad or Study Abroad: These programs offer the opportunity to study for one or two semesters across departments and semesters at a Canadian university. Normally, the credits acquired there can be transferred to study in Germany.
  • Summer Sessions: This is a condensed semester abroad during the summer semester break.
  • Certificate / Diploma: In Canada, these programs are vocational in nature and last from six months to two years. In Germany they are not recognized as qualifications, but they are very suitable as further education. The range of specialization options is huge !

4. Service orientation

Sure, Canadian universities charge tuition fees. It can be expensive, especially for international students. Nevertheless, the investment will be worthwhile, because the service concept is very important there. The universities and colleges value a study environment in which the students can feel comfortable: Small seminars, close-knit support, modern facilities and equipment, and there are special service centers for students from abroad. The performance of the professors and lecturers is checked regularly, not only in the coursesthey are committed and motivated, but rather an open-door policy prevails. For many students, service orientation is one of the main reasons for studying in Canada.

5. North American campus feeling

Similar to the USA, the colleges and universities in Canada are much more integrated into everyday student life than in Germany. The Canadian campus life is a world of its own: Various leisure activities are offered, there are countless clubs and associations and university sports also play a major role. This is also the reason why Canadian students identify much more with their university / college than we know in Germany. The great sense of togetherness is certainly a unique experience that will leave a lasting impression and is therefore a good reason to study in Canada.

6. A diverse country with a high quality of life

As the second largest country in the world in terms of area, Canada has a lot to offer in addition to its impressive natural landscapes. No other classic immigration country identifies itself to the same extent with its multiculturalism and is as tolerant of other cultures and ways of life as Canada. The metropolises like Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal each have their own flair due to their colonial history and each province, each territory has its own character. In addition, Canada ranks second among the G20 countries in terms of quality of life. The exceptionally high quality of life is another of many reasons to study in Canada.

7. Language skills and intercultural skills

Another important reason: studying in Canada not only offers the opportunity to improve your English skills. In many places – and not just in Quebec – people also speak French. The bilingualism is also one of Canada as the very obvious coexistence of different cultures. Being intercultural is an essential part of Canadian culture. So who can you learn from better than the Canadians when it comes to intercultural skills?

Reasons to Study in Canada

Reasons to Study in Canada
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