Samsung Galaxy s2 i9100g The Successor To (Un) Secret

Success story Galaxy S2
With the i9100 galaxy S2 samsung launched correctly from spring 2011: Now are the korean number one in the mobile market and sell more smartphones than apple. And although the galaxy S3 already the successor of the S2 is started successfully, the S2 of still very popular. Its strengths: It is much cheaper, more manageable, and pace of work as well as camera can take on quite the current galaxy S3.

Test: Samsung galaxy S2 i9100

Test: Samsung galaxy S3

Quietly stripped down

Still and quiet, samsung has released a new edition. What few buyers know: Instead of the original i9100 galaxy S2, they receive only the stripped-down in many small details model i9100G that not even shows up on samsung’s official website. There is still only the i9100. The lapidary comment of headquarters: To meet the exponentially growing demand samsung has taken, usual, the required components, including the processor, by different trusted suppliers as in the industry. In plain language: For the maximum profit a weaker processor or a less bright display can put time in the device. As long as the customer doesn’t

the COMPUTER IMAGE laboratory test reveals the drawbacks of the new version of G and shows the differences to the original S2 on:

The processor is langsamerdie camera is poor
the display is darker

The comparison: Samsung galaxy S2 i9100 vs i9100G

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but samsung officially sees no problem, let alone a reason to inform its customers. It is clear that the deny strategy is not good: For merchants like amazon & more and more buyers make their displeasure with biting comments as misleading air co..

High prices for the old galaxy S2

Individual traders respond to samsung galaxy S2 already big demand after the original and expressly offer a version without G. Who would like to get hold of a device of this scarce surplus, but at the price, ensure: The part more than 500 euro are required.

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Conclusion: Samsung galaxy S2 i9100G

The new i9100G galaxy S2 is without question a good smartphone. In comparison to the original S2, important functions, such as processor and camera, but are less powerful though the G cost almost as much. That samsung it is a secret and sold the device not under its own name, leaves at least an unpleasant aftertaste.

Pro high pace of work large, high-contrast display very fast UMTS plays many HD formats from 1080 p video recording-optimized user interface wi-FI with 5 ghz DLNA and HDMI (via adapter) counter housing is sensitive to scratches specular display test note of the editorial 2.09 well .