Population: 634,535 thousand people (2012)
Area: 369.2 sq. km
Founded: 1869
Time zone: UTC-8, summer UTC-7

Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington and the entire Northwest United States. It is located on the isthmus between Lake Washington to the east and Puget Sound to the west. Seattle is located on seven hills. The proximity of the Cascade Mountains, rising to the east, makes the Seattle area seismically unstable. The last earthquake was recorded in 2001.

The Seattle area is a temperate rainforest region. Before the arrival of Europeans, the Duvamish and Sukvomish tribes lived here. “Whites” arrived here only in the middle of the 19th century. The first settlers were the Collins and Denny groups in 1851. The settlement was originally called Alki Point. Then some of the pioneers “moved” to a new place called Duvamps. Later, Alki Point was renamed New York Alki, but already in 1855 both villages were merged into one in the status of a city and under the name Seattle. This name was given to the city in honor of the local Indian leader Siatl, who, according to the established historical version, was not opposed to whites settling in these places.

There are several periods of economic growth in the history of Seattle. The first happened in the 1880s, when there was a boom in logging. The second was in the 1890s and 1910s, when Seattle became the main transit city of the Gold Rush on the way to Alaska. The third rise occurred in the middle of the 20th century and is associated with the flourishing of ship and aircraft construction. The Boeing Company was founded in Seattle (it was also headquartered in Seattle until 2001), and the city was nicknamed “Jet City”, or Jet City. The fourth economic explosion is attributed to the 1990s in connection with the IT revolution. Seattle is home to Amazon.com, Microsoft and other well-known companies. Seattle can also be proud of its natives – Microsoft founder Bill Gates, guitarist Jimi Hendrix. In 1990, Seattle hosted the Goodwill Games.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle attractions are numerous and varied. It is no coincidence that more than 200 thousand tourists come here every year. The symbol of the city is the 184-meter-high Space Needle observation tower (1962), from the top of which offers breathtaking panoramas of the city, the bay and the Cascade Mountains, headed by Mount Rainier. Another popular spot is Pike Place Market on the waterfront. This is not only a seafood market, but also a kind of craftsmen’s fair, a stage for street musicians, artists, artists. Excursions to the mountainous regions of the state and to ski resorts depart from Seattle.


Population: 202,900 thousand people (2007)
Area: 151.6 sq. km
Time zone: UTC-8, summer UTC-7

The city of Spokane lies in the northwest of the country near the Canadian border. Administratively, it is the center of the district of the same name. Initially, it was a small settlement, where the fur trade was actively conducted. Later, significant reserves of precious metals were discovered in its vicinity. For a long time, mining has played an important role in Spokane’s economy. Now the leading position is occupied by the high-tech sphere.

The settlement was founded in the second half of the 19th century and named Spokane Falls. It received its current status in 1881. In everyday life it is called “Lilac City”. At the beginning of the 20th century, the settlement began to be planted with lilacs. Over time, the bushes covered large areas, turning them into flowering alleys. Now, in addition to the fragrant lilac, several dozen parks with walking paths and equipped recreation areas stretch within the city. In its vicinity are picturesque lakes, where the townspeople like to go fishing.

Almost 100 acres is occupied by Riverfront Central Park, where the city’s largest events often take place. From its territory a wonderful view of the Spokane Falls opens. An unusual attraction attracts attention. It simulates an extreme river gondola ride through a turbulent stream. A small amusement park in winter turns into an ice skating rink, where there is rarely a lull. Riverfront Park is also famous for the vintage carousel, handcrafted in 1909. Her considerable age does not prevent her from being active and delighting the kids.

Manito Park is famous for its picturesque lake, where numerous ducks live. Not far from it, within the protected area, there are two gardens. One of them was created in the Renaissance garden and park style with green hedges imitating intricate labyrinths. Another is the Japanese garden Nishinomiya with amazingly beautiful sakura. Riverside Park is equipped with bike paths and walking trails. Here, lovers of outdoor activities are enthusiastically engaged in rafting and mountain biking. Nature lovers will delight in the John Finch Arboretum with rare specimens of animals, birds and vegetation.


Seattle, Washington
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