Studying in New Zealand pays off primarily through extensive and personal support . Various advisory and service offers from universities in New Zealand support the students in all matters. This not only includes academic advice, but also assistance with special needs, career planning and offers on mental and physical health. At some universities, the service offers for students are grouped together in Student Centers .

International students receive specially tailored support in the International Office . A comprehensive range of services for this group of students is particularly important to New Zealand universities, as the cultural exchange keeps the university landscape lively and innovative.

These first-class study conditions are one of the most important reasons for many international students to study in New Zealand . Campus life in New Zealand in particular benefits from the many services on offer at the university, for example through the Students’ Association . New Zealand universities also use their websites to educate and involve students . The Student ID Card is the entry ticket for the many services offered by universities in New Zealand .

International Office

The International Office is one of the most important contact points at New Zealand universities for international students . The staff primarily help students with student visas , health insurance and finding accommodation . They also provide important information on how to finance studying abroad in New Zealand and direct students to the relevant service facilities at the university.

The range of services offered by the International Office ensures compliance with the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students . These guidelines are primarily used for quality assurance at New Zealand universities, so that international students can rely on excellent support . The International Office in New Zealand is also the first point of contact for students from abroad in the event of individual problems that may influence the course of study .

For the International Office , advising and supporting international students also includes picking up newcomers from the airport. In addition to the extensive range of services, the staff organize special events or parties for international students. These are, for example, the Orientation Week , the International Night or cultural events with the Māori.

Student Union / Students’ Association

The Students’ Association in New Zealand is a non-profit organization that actively shapes campus life . Students get involved in various events and clubs for the university or support their fellow students in the student parliament. Sometimes a university newspaper is also the mouthpiece of the students. Depending on the university location, the students support the region and community on site. The student council also organizes many excursions and sports excursions, such as hiking trips or rafting tours.

The main task of the Students’ Association is to represent and represent the student body . This service facility is the point of contact for suggestions or problems. But it also enables you to make contacts quickly and get to know the university location. Students who unexpectedly find themselves in financial distress receive emergency aid through donations from the organization.

At most New Zealand universities, all enrolled students are automatically members of the Students’ Association . Sometimes there are organizations that commit themselves to a specialty, for example in law or medicine . This service offer from universities in New Zealand is currently free and nationally networked in the New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations (NZSU).

Counseling services for students in New Zealand

The services offered by universities in New Zealand primarily include advisory services that create optimal conditions for successful studies . In addition to general advice on academic careers, learning optimization and study organization, the universities also devote themselves to individual needs and ethnic groups. International students can get help with enrollment at the International Office or the Admissions and Enrollments Assistance .

Especially at the beginning of their studies and when their final theses are approaching, many students make use of the services offered by the Student Learning Support or the Learning Center . The facility mainly offers workshops on academic writing and reading or presenting. In addition, there is specific course or subject preparation, material for learning English and the promotion of general study skills. In addition, the employees in the modern computer rooms help with special study-related programs. Students with special needs, such as refugees or students with disabilities , also receive assistance and learning aids here.

Another important point of contact for students in New Zealand is the library . Here students find the necessary peace and quiet and extensive material for self-study. The library’s range of services also includes support in optimizing learning. Some universities use certain online programs or apps to help students organize themselves and to provide material for lectures.

The Career Center is dedicated to the career planning of students. New Zealand universities work closely with future employers. This is why the students in New Zealand set the appropriate course during their studies and prepare themselves specifically for the job market. The range of services offered by the Career Center primarily includes advice and support for relevant soft and hard skills. In addition, the employees help with the preparation of application documents and the job search.

Students get help with legal and financial questions from Financial Service and Student Advocacy and Support . New Zealand universities advise their students free of charge on all problems of this kind that affect life related to their studies. This also includes a harassment prevention program that guarantees a safe learning environment. The student also issues advocacy and support notifications. The Financial Service, on the other hand, also provides information on scholarships , loans or discounts.

Additional services at universities in New Zealand

Various services in New Zealand complement the advisory services at universities to ensure that your studies run smoothly. The Student ID Card is the most important tool for gaining access to the various rooms and services outside of the regular opening times . These include, for example, the library, learning services or the computer rooms and the copier. This gives the students the opportunity to design their learning phases individually.

The student ID card require students also at treatments at Health Center . In these campus-owned health centers, a general practitioner (GP) as well as nurses, physiotherapists and psychotherapists help with health problems and questions. New Zealand universities promote wellbeing services to keep students healthy and fit.

The Safety and Security Office is responsible for the security at the university in New Zealand and grants access to the service facilities on campus. Students receive regional safety information here. Earthquakes, for example, occur depending on the location of the university, so students should know what to do in an emergency.

The Accommodation Office supports newcomers in finding accommodation and looks after the student dormitories on campus. There are contact persons around the clock for questions or problems with the accommodation.

Studying with a child is no problem in New Zealand, as the universities Childcare are one of their services. Trained specialists look after the children of employees, students and the community up to school age.

Services offered by universities in New Zealand sometimes include Examination Centers . Language tests such as the IELTS are taken there to prepare students for studying in New Zealand.

Services Offered by Universities in New Zealand

Services Offered by Universities in New Zealand
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