Sheep and Goats: Android Is Popular Because It Is Cheap

Tuesday night, just the day reading some other article before I go to bed. Among them, I find one that makes me raise eyebrow when I read it: Android is popular because it is cheap, not because it is good. It catches my attention, I decided to open it and I start to read.

Smile, it seems that rankles someone the success of Android. I reflect a bit and decided to write a few lines here, in Xataka Android. As I said the note in the Big Lebowski “Sí, bueno…” In the end, that’s what you think Uncle”but let’s see a little more in detail this idea.

Yes, Android has democratized the use of smartphones

More or less the iPhone can be savored but you have to recognize the merit of being a reference station to define a category of products that others dared to define but did not: smartphone. It is true that it was Windows Mobile but no mistake, they were.

Simplicity, adapted interfaces, the gestures on touch screens. They laid the foundations. Aside from this, to what I don’t want to downplay any, Apple decided to when they launched their iPhone was going to be a product that It would not be within the reach of everyone.

With the passage of time, this has made that Apple’s phone is a product, as they would define some experts in marketing, aspirational. We all want one, is good and also gives status, as many other things that we could label as luxuries.

The idea of Apple is good. However, it turns out that not everyone wants to pay 600 euros or more free smartphone. The needs that you have you, dear reader, or myself are not the same as the user medium. It is true that there are also subsidies for that, and here in Spain triumph.

Turns out that Android has achieved something that has earned him to be where he is, for example, the latest data from Kantar: the Smartphone has reached around the world. For the lady that wants to use Whatsapp to talk to their children or for more geek can squeeze it butt.

Yes, Android has taken over the input range and is that the success of the operating system is measured in the range, beyond the most cutting-edge devices. Why are you controls there? Because no other manufacturer has released nothing attractive with another operating system.

Apple follows on its heels of manufacture of high-end smartphones and offer phones for three years as the economic choice. Windows Phone grows slowly but don’t have anything solvent. BlackBerry is in the process of transition and Firefox looks good but now has a long way to go.

We will have to annoy those who look like the subway, bus or streets is full of terminals such as the Samsung Galaxy Ace, Xperia U or the LG Optimus L3. And Yes, they are cheap smartphones but this is not the reason for its success. I repeat, There are people who do not need or want more: It has democratized the use.

It is true that some low-end terminals of a couple of years ago have given a little bad fame to Android: little functional, with blunders and no updates of any kind. However, manufacturers have also learned and now the range of input has very interesting devices.

Say that the price is the only reason why Android triumphs is silly. It is true, I’m not going to deny that it has helped but for a very simple reason: people have different needs. However, there are other important variables that are not reflected: ability of customization, freedom and above all quality, the jump that has given two year is remarkable.