The official languages ​​are Chinese (Mandarin), English, Malay and Tamil. National language is Malay. Most Singaporeans speak English as a second native language. Southern Chinese dialects such as Cantonese, Hokkien and Hakka are widespread.


Doctor = doktor Thursday = hari Khamis Three = tiga Thirty = tiga puluh Entrance = masuk One hundred = seratus One = satu One thousand = seribu Friday = hari Jumaat Five = lima Fifty = lima puluh Danger = Bahaya Closed = tutup Hello = Hello Today = hari ini Hotel = hotel I feel sick = Saya sakit. I don’t understand this = Saya tidak faha. Yes = Ya My name is …… = …Saya nama adalah … Wednesday = hari Rabu Monday = hari Isnin Morning = Esok No = Tidak Nine = sembilan Ninety = sembilan puluh Open = buka Restaurant = restoran Saturday = hari Sabu Six = enam Sixty = enam puluh seven = tujuh seventy = tujuh puluh Sunday = hari Ahad menu = menu Do you speak German/English? = Kamu boleh bercakap Jerman/English? toilet = tandas four = empat forty = empat puluh wine = wain how are you? = Apa khabar? (literally: What’s the news?; is answered with Khabar baik – The news is good. ) How much is it? = Berapa itu? Where is … ? = Di mana …? Ten = sepuluh Twenty = dua puluh Two = dua

Public Holidays

01/01/2022 New Year

02/01/2022 Chinese New Years Festival

04/15/2022 Good Friday

05/01/2022 Hari Raya Puasa (End of Ramadan)

05/01/2022 Labor Day

05/15/2022 Vesakh day

07/10/2022 Hari Raya Haji (Feast of Sacrifice)

09.08.2022 National holiday

10/24/2022 Deepavali (Festival of Lights)

12/25/2022 Christmas


(a) In Singapore, only a few Islamic feast days are observed as public holidays, they primarily affect the daily routine of Muslim businessmen. The dates given for Islamic holidays are calculated according to the lunar calendar and therefore shift from year to year. During Ramadan, which precedes the festival of Hari Raya Puasa, Muslims do not eat during the day, but only eat after sunset, which can disrupt the normal course of business. Many restaurants are closed during the day and alcohol and cigarette consumption may be limited. These interruptions can also occur during Hari Raya Puasa. This festival, as well as Hari Raya Haji, can last from 2-10 days depending on the region.
(b) [*] The date of Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar and therefore shifts from year to year.

Duty free shopping


The following items can be imported duty-free into Singapore (persons aged 18 and over): 1l of spirits and 1l of wine or 1l of spirits and 1l of beer or 1l of wine and 1l of beer or 2l of wine or 2l of beer. If the duty-free import quantities are exceeded, alcoholic beverages with an ABV of more than 0.5% are subject to import tax. All tobacco products are subject to import tax. Other goods/gifts and groceries up to a total value of S$500 for stays longer than 48 hours; (100 S$ for a stay of up to 48 hours. Attention: Possession of drugs is punishable by long prison sentences, up to the death penalty. Note: The above allowances do not apply to passengers arriving from Malaysia. There are no allowances for alcoholic beverages arriving from Malaysia.

Import Restrictions

Strict import regulations apply to all medicines, but especially to those that have a sedative or stimulant effect. It is strongly recommended that you take a medical certificate and the instructions for use with information on the chemical composition (in English) with you. More information is available from

Import regulations

All imported cigarettes must be declared upon entry. There are no allowances. The customs receipt should always be carried with you for checks, otherwise there is a risk of a fine. In Singapore you cannot buy cigarettes without a customs stamp. All imported tobacco products must comply with Standardized Packaging (SP) regulations.

Prohibited Imports

Chewing gum, weapons, ammunition, fireworks, bulletproof clothing, handcuffs, toy guns, products from protected plant and animal species, pornographic products, chewing tobacco, cigarette lighters in the shape of pistols. Further information is available from Singapore Customs.

Contact addresses

Embassy of the Republic of Singapore

Honorary Consulate General in Waiblingen (near Stuttgart). Honorary consulates in Hamburg and Munich.

Vossstrasse 17
+49 (30) 226 34 30.

Mon-Fri 09.00-13.00. Consular section: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 09.30-12.30 and Wed 14.00-16.30.

Embassy of the Republic of Singapore
+65 63 79 80 00. Embassy of the Republic of Singapore
+65 63 798 000


Business etiquette

Suits and ties or suits are appropriate for business visits. English is predominantly spoken in business circles. Chinese residents are addressed by their family name; Malays do not have surnames, but put the first letter of their father’s name in front of their own first name. As in Europe, appointments should be made and business cards exchanged, only in government circles business cards are not used. Punctuality is very important.

Opening hours

Business hours: Mon-Fri 09.00-13.00 and 14.00-17.00, Sat 09.00-13.00.

Business contacts



According to, the country code is 0065. The few remaining public telephones in Singapore can be used with telephone cards and sometimes also with credit cards. The cheapest way to make calls in public phone booths is with prepaid cards. These are available at post offices and convenience stores. Pay phones are for local calls only. Emergency numbers are: police 999 and fire brigade 995.

Mobile phone

3G and 4G. Network operators: M1, StarHub and SingTel. The network coverage is very good. Buying a local SIM card is usually worthwhile. Roaming contracts exist.


There are numerous internet cafes in Singapore. The main Internet providers include StarHub and SingTel. All of Singapore is covered by the free Wi-Fi service [email protected]

Post office

Postal items to Europe take about eight to fourteen days. There are smaller post offices in some hotels. Post office opening hours: Mon-Fri 08.30-17.00, Sat 08.30-13.00. Post offices at the airport and Orchard Point are open 7am-7pm daily.


Numerous German-language radio stations can be received over the Internet in Singapore.

Singapore Shopping

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