As you can also see from other reports, Sobey School of Business, which is the area of business administration at SMU , is one of the best business schools in Canada , and it is really very modern. In addition, when it comes to a German citizen, you don’t have to take an English test, which saves you money, time and nerve cells. As no German citizen, I had to do something about this, but neither TOEFL nor IELTS .

The university has a very strong international focus , especially in the business sector, where probably more than 50% of all students come from outside Canada.


As a German citizen you do not need a visa, but a study permit if you want to study there for more than six months. As not an EU citizen, I had to get a visa, which was a horror.


The insurance offered by the university is quite expensive, so take care of a foreign health insurance in Germany.


Course content is usually quite interesting . Since the groups are much smaller than at state universities in Germany, everything can be internalized more easily and efficiently. A lecture is 15 minutes shorter than in Germany.

In contrast to Germany, where you basically only have one exam at the end of a semester, there are several here, which actually forces you to study continuously. That is why the library is almost always full here, while in Germany the library is usually only full in the last month of a semester. Check educationvv to see more reviews from current students.


The dormitory is extremely expensive and not that good, which is why I opted for a room in a house. This one was in Lacewood. I lived there with 3 other students, so basically a shared flat. About 40 minutes from the university by bus, but 2 times cheaper than the dorm.

You will also improve your English faster if you live off-campus and speak to native speakers, as there are simply too many foreign students on-campus and they only communicate with each other and not in English.


There are bars and stuff in Halifax and even a really crazy disco called The Dom, but the city is more like studying only, which is good. If you do sports, you will certainly not be bored here . Different sports and opportunities.


The food in Halifax is up to 3 times more expensive than in Germany, so please save a little before you go.

Books are extremely expensive and always mandatory, but you can sell them at half price at the end of a semester or buy them originally used in the store or from a student who no longer needs them. Tuition fees are quite high and are charged for each individual course and are 2 times as much for us as for Canadian students.


The people in Halifax are very friendly and helpful . Many of them can say hello even if they don’t know him. Drivers always brake when trying to cross the street. One can also start a conversation at a bus stop …


Now, the weather in Halifax is much better than in most other parts of the country, but this time it was just bad. The locals just couldn’t believe it … It even snowed at the end of April! But summer is really hot, so … Maybe you would take summer courses there?


Travel is very expensive in Canada, but it’s worth it. So personally I would recommend everyone to visit Montreal and Toronto . In the immediate vicinity you should visit Cape Breton and Peggys Cove. Make sure to try lobster at Peggy’s Cove.


In principle there are only 2 shopping centers, one of which is not really in Halifax, but in Dartmouth, this is called Mic Mac Mall and is really very, very large. The second is Halifax Shopping Center: small and beautiful.


So, there is no doubt that my trip was worth it . I have made many friends, learned something new, my English improved, successfully passed courses, most of which at my university credited were. It cost a lot of money, but there’s nothing good for free, right? So I encourage everyone to spend 1 or 2 semesters in Halifax , you will definitely not regret it!

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