Application process:

The application process was smooth and quick. After my first contact with your website, I was given a personal contact person who was available to answer any questions at any time. The communication went flawlessly and every (no matter how “stupid”) question was answered quickly. You only have to fill out the application form yourself and hand in the necessary documents, the rest is organized by your website, which is very practical and helpful. A short time later, the acceptance came from the university and you could prepare for your time abroad in peace. Even during the current semester abroad, an employee from your website was always available to answer questions and problems.

Since I attended Saint Marys University for two summer sessions in the summer months, the general course of study was a little different from the normal semesters. The dormitories, library and the entire campus were much emptier and some facilities (canteen, lounge) were not open during the summer. Furthermore, slightly fewer courses were offered. Personally, I liked the fact that the campus wasn’t too crowded. The staff and professors at the university are all very helpful and take a lot of time for problems and questions. The campus itself is very nicely designed, there are short distances and most of the buildings are very new and well equipped.

It is also worth mentioning that Saint Mary’s University is a very international university. In my estimation, the proportion of foreigners is a good 70% -80%. Which is of course very good, because you also get to know other cultures than the Canadian, but I had the experience that some of the language problems were a bit of a disadvantage for some. Through introductory events and the international office, however, you can come into contact very quickly with locals and also with students from other countries, which makes starting at a foreign university in a foreign country much easier.

Occupied courses

I took two courses in one session. A total of 4 courses in the business department. Human Resource Management, Ethical Responsibilities of Organizations, Introduction to Marketing and Introduction to Business Management. With some previous knowledge and sufficient knowledge of English, it was not difficult to get good grades. In my opinion, the amount of work involved in reworking and preparing was a bit higher for the entire course than at German universities. However, the intermediate and final exams are therefore a little easier for many. In most cases, additional homework and group work with a presentation were also required. The lectures are very interactive and a lot of time is taken for questions that arise. Check existingcountries to see more reviews from current students.

Accommodation search / accommodation

I had informed myself in advance about the various accommodation options and found it the easiest to apply for a place in the dormitory, as rooms outside the campus are usually very expensive and difficult to get. Another advantage is that you save long distances and possible bus costs to the campus, as the dormitory is located directly on the campus. When it comes to dormitory rooms, you could choose between double and single rooms and large and small rooms.

If you apply in good time, you will get the room you want. In the summer months the dormitories are rather empty, so it is not a problem to get a room. The rooms were very simply furnished, but have everything you need (bed, wardrobe, desk). Usually you share a toilet / shower with 4-6 people and, depending on which building you are in, a kitchen. In terms of price / performance ratio, the rooms in the dormitory are still quite expensive, but you have to take that into account in Canada. WiFi and TV connection are available, as well as washing facilities.

Leisure and excursion possibilities

The leisure and excursion opportunities are quite good for a city like Halifax. The location right on the water is very nice, especially in summer. It is a little further away from the larger beaches, but the park and the waterfront also offer very good places to go to enjoy the sea air. 1 to 2 hours further away there are very beautiful coastlines and cliffs, which are definitely worth a trip.

Nightlife options such as clubs, discos and bars are also plentiful in Halifax. Some of these also offer good student discounts. Almost every evening of the week you can find an event where you can end the evening with a cold beer. It should be noted, however, that public alcohol consumption is not permitted and in Canada you are only allowed to buy and drink alcohol from the age of 19.

Restaurants and bistros can also be found on every corner. However, good shopping opportunities are a bit rare. There are two small shopping centers with a few shops, but you have to take the bus a little longer to get to a large center. The many boat tours, sightseeing tours and public parks are also worthwhile.

Arrival and Quarantine in Canada

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