It was only at the beginning of 2010 that I knew that I wanted to study at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television before studying film in Germany. Just two months after my decision, I had the UCLA confirmation in my mailbox. So easy? YES – thanks to MicroEDU.

First of all, as a visiting student at UCLA, you can choose your desired courses from an overwhelming range of courses. Since I want to go my own way as a filmmaker, I have enrolled in courses at the renowned “School of Theater, Film an Television”. In the six weeks of the first session, I got to know the economic structures of the American television industry and later learned how to finance a film in the USA. So if you take both sessions like me, you have three months to experience everything. And that’s just long enough! I really recommend everyone to do both sessions at the same time, otherwise you won’t really get what it means to live in a city like LA.

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Be aware that there are only five weekends that you ultimately have available, as there is not much leeway during the week – depending on course times and course intensity, of course. So would you like to go to San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas and maybe a short detour to Mexico, since you hardly ever go to LA for a session. And this city in particular needs time to show itself from its beautiful side. By that I mean that you are only made aware of places that are really worthwhile with the people you meet. A few tips from me: Mulholland Drive by day AND night, standard hotel rooftop in the middle of downtown (pool party every Sunday), boat tour in Long Beach, best view from the Getty Center (a must!) Etc. etc.!
The admission and application process is a curse and a blessing at the same time: MicroEDU makes it really easy for you and everyone with a good Abitur certificate or even a 12-year certificate is on board.

The only thing that reveals itself after a quick look at the price list is for many the decisive argument against an application: unimaginably high costs. Without going into every cost item in detail, I can say that the sessions at UCLA could be reduced to some extent. For example, if you pay $ 1,144 per course, then at least a real professor should teach and not an alumni who has just finished his studies. In addition, there are housing and living costs that should not be underestimated in LA. If you don’t care much about privacy and have always wanted to live in one building with hundreds of Asians or adolescent high school kids anyway, you can definitely opt for the “Rieber Hall” apartment variant.

Even this variant (the cheapest!) Is already overpaid. The Saxon Suites or Off-Campus Apartments are highly recommended for the rest of them! Don’t worry about the stress in the Rieber- or Sproul Hall – you have to check in every evening. UCLA staff members sit and check in front of the elevators from 9 pm. After a night of partying, people like to ask about alcohol consumption. In addition, the bathrooms on one of the floors were locked every other week because a few of the residents apparently couldn’t shower without destroying something. So it happened that in a week I had to go down two floors with my shower stuff to get into a bathroom in which the showers were not locked. For me, that was one of the reasons why I moved from the Rieber Hall to the Saxon Suites after three weeks. It wasn’t that easy, but MicroEDU saved my life again! Without the committed help of Annika and her team, it would not have happened so easily. Should you decide in favor of the Rieber Hall for cost reasons (because there is no other argument) – don’t worry. You can survive there, but you feel very monitored and you never meet real Americans there. Invest a few more euros in living, instead save on eating and enjoy your time at UCLA to the full!

With the “Meal Plan” 11 meals a week are completely sufficient. Everyone who had 15 or even more meals had to drop a few every week because they were gone for the weekend or wanted a change from the buffet. Incidentally, the buffet has a reputation for being one of the best food options of any university in the United States. Top! At the end of the day it should be said that everything I’ve written is of course subjective. Everyone values ​​different things, but I’m one of those who, in addition to studying at UCLA, wanted to get to know the city of Los Angeles and all that it has to offer. Fortunately, I succeeded in doing that and I had the time of my life! Thanks again to the MicroEDU Team.

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